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The election recommended: the injury ravaged Italy anti – World election victory through Sohu: Macedonia VS Italy start time: 2016-10-10 2:45 Monday: 13 6 1.22 compensate disc: 0.92 ball half 1 soccer SMG recommended: 0 Beijing single field (guest Let 2 ball) recommended: 13 score recommended: 0-2 or 0-1 this group in Macedonia is weaker, before the two teams are lost to the score of 1-2, due to the existence of Italy and Spain, two in this group, the other team wants to shock the top 2 almost impossible. The first round of qualifying at Italy’s 3-1 victory over Israel, war against Spain Buffon attack led to the failure of the ball, at the last minute De Rossi penalty equaliser, the Albania team ranked top 2 matches, Italy and Spain with 4 points in two or three place. The disc for the game at Italy away to let the hemisphere ultra-high water pond by injection, full of confidence to win in Italy. The compensate wins odds generally opened in 1.25 the size of the ball around with comprehensive analysis, Italy has difficulty winning problems but not limited by his victory over Italy in the last 10 games, winning the biggest difference is only 2 balls, and now the team players, Elini and other players because Montolivo is weakened in this game, the author still optimistic about the victory over Italy.相关的主题文章: