The girl died 3 years before his death in the family is difficult to discuss the autopsy report of e

The girl died 3 years before his death in the family is difficult to discuss the autopsy report emotional entanglements original title: girls died three years the family is difficult to discuss the autopsy report of the summer of 2013, Dalian University of Technology electronic information professional Junior Girls Yang Xiaojian sudden death sea. Many people confirmed that Yang Xiaojian had been romantically involved with a senior. To understand her daughter’s death, Yang Xiaojian’s parents run so far, for the autopsy report and repeatedly refused to apply for re identification. At present, Dalian Shahekou District procuratorate has been involved in the supervision of the procuratorate, a responsible person has made a written statement, such as hospital leadership approval can be sent directly to the public security department, to promote their families to apply for re identification according to law. The teenage girl died the evening of October 13th, Dalian Xinghai Park shore, sandy gravel, muddy waters, high jump tower under side by side floating several fishing boats. The 49 year old Cheng Jinxiu sitting on the beach, strongly repressed cries, and the age of the Yang Peiyin stood behind his wife, he wants to comfort his wife, but could not stop the tears. This is the place where their daughter Yang Xiaojian’s body was discovered in the early morning of June 27, 2013. At that time, Yang Xiaojian was only 22 years old, Dalian University of Technology, Department of electronic information and Electrical Engineering Department of electrical information. The same day, a number of media reports, Dalian, a young girl fell into the sea in the morning news. Message display, the same day at 4 am, an old man fishing found the girl’s body. The photo shows the muzzle leaving foam, with a red neck. "If alive, my daughter is 26 years old this year," said Yang Peiyin, daughter was very clever diligent, good grades. In 2010, Yang Xiaojian finally admitted to the heart of the Dalian University of Technology, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Department, or the school self agency vice president and recommended postgraduate candidates, however, all this is because of the accident halted. 4 years is not full, with long history Jinxiu hair has been completely white, tears have caused his eyes almost blind. This still young but has been missing and resentment tortured face old parents, wherever they go, they all carry her student ID card, ID card, photos and other information. A picture of Yang Xiaojian, a ponytail, wearing a red shirt, dark jeans and white sneakers, a pair of big eyes, white skin, Minzui smile…… He suspected in emotional entanglements reporters found that before the incident Yang Xiaojian had caught her boyfriend in the Han and Han Jun, a senior of the emotional entanglements. Yang Xiaojian and his high level students than Han Jun fell in love, but later understand the Han Jun the seniors also entangled in Han Jun. Yang Xiaojian was scared, she gave a bestie call for solution. The bestie had advised her away from the Han and the seniors, "we are good friends," the bestie told reporters, "she said the senior Han Jun very extreme, she is always looking for trouble. I have been advised her to Caution!, don’t go to see the Han students, on the road do not be stopping him in the." Yang Xiaojian bestie also revealed that Yang Xiaojian and Han Jun after falling in love, the seniors once it climbs up the roof. But the bestie said that before the incident she was feeling 2相关的主题文章: