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The healthy man drunk uncle forced relatives stop being chopped kneel Health News Network (correspondent Guo Ning) the evening of November 21st, the Xunyang County village of Shuhe town stabbing intentional injury case, Shuhe police quickly out of the police will suspect Hemou (male, 33 years old, Shuhe town people) arrested. In late November 21st 22 PM, Shuhe received a warning: the village group three MOU with a kitchen knife to cut small ye, and request. After the alarm, police station rushed to the scene, after police arrived at the scene found the injured more serious injuries, the injured to hospital for police and their families immediately, then the police at the scene near the Village Road on the suspect control. Because the suspect an alcohol first police suspect back to the police station handling area sober room to sober up, at the same time, lead the police handling the investigation in situ. After the police investigation that night, Hemou due on weekdays to his uncle Ji hate resentment suspect that uncle is not filial to their grandfather, on the night in their own little after drinking pulled his uncle, beaten with a wooden stick and forced his uncle to his grandfather who lives next door to kneel admit, at this time the suspect Hemou (the small ye) heard the noise came in the process of blocking and blocking, the suspect Hemou clashes occurred, the suspect Hemou smoothly from the kitchen chopping board picked up a kitchen knife Kanxiang the small ye, the small Ye where a full left face and left ear was cut, the suspect Hemou uncle in blocking process the left eye was Hemou injured. At present, the injured are receiving treatment in hospital, suspects have been detained, the case is being further processed. (Health News) Note: video only extended reading. Men drink as friends call the police threatened to tell the police refuse to play in the end

安康男子酒后逼迫叔父下跪 亲属阻拦被砍伤  安康新闻网讯(通讯员 郭宁)11月21日晚,旬阳县蜀河镇漫湾村发生一起持刀故意伤害案,蜀河派出所快速出警将犯罪嫌疑人何某(男,33岁,蜀河镇人)抓获。  11月21日晚22时许,蜀河所接到报警称:漫湾村三组何某用菜刀将其小爷砍伤,请求查处。接警后,派出所民警立即赶往现场,到达现场后民警发现伤者伤情比较严重,立即安排民警及家属将伤者送往医院救治,随后民警在案发现场附近的乡村路上将犯罪嫌疑人控制。因嫌疑人一身酒气民警先将嫌疑人带回派出所办案区醒酒室醒酒,与此同时所长带领办案民警就地展开调查。  经民警彻夜调查得知,嫌疑人何某因平日里对其叔父积恨成怨,认为叔父对其爷爷不孝顺,在案发当晚在自家有少量饮酒后拉拽其叔父,用木棒殴打并逼迫其叔父给其爷爷下跪认错,此时住在隔壁的何某全(嫌疑人的小爷)听到吵闹声就赶来拦挡,在拦挡过程中与嫌疑人何某发生肢体冲突,嫌疑人何某顺手从厨房案板上拿起一把菜刀砍向其小爷,其小爷何某全的左脸部及左耳被砍伤,嫌疑人何某叔父在拦挡过程中左眼被何某打伤。  目前,伤者均在医院接受治疗,嫌疑人何某已被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步办理中。(安康新闻网)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 男子酒后为朋友出头骂民警垃圾 扬言跟警察玩到底相关的主题文章: