The identity of the man was fraudulent use of debt of 80 million court said data cannot be changed

The identity of the man was fraudulent use of debt of 80 million court said data cannot change the original title: Guangdong, a man was a debt of 79 million people: Liu Hanting, Guangdong – an interview with the people of Huilai, 43 years old, is a small business in Shenzhen. – interview background: yesterday, the Southern Metropolis responded with "how to prove that I was" my title, reported the Shenzhen man Liu Hanting who: since 2012, Liu Hanting found his identity information has been misused, and Shenzhen is regarded as the legal representative of several companies around the debt, four years, has been involved in 32 lawsuits that has been more than 79 million debt. ID routine inspection found that identity information is fraudulent China Daily: can simply talk about your personal information? Liu Hanting: I’m from Guangdong Huilai Jinghai Town, was born in 1973. More than 20 years ago, I came to Shenzhen to work alone, initially to others to do the decoration, then do their own small business. After a smooth day, married in Shenzhen, have children, everything is smooth. China Daily: when did you find their identity information anomalies? Liu Hanting: 2011 Shenzhen identity card a routine inspection, the police found my ID card information and networking system in the photo does not match, the Internet is another image of a strange man, police suspect my identity is false, I will be taken to the police station investigation. After that, the police confirmed that my identity is no problem, it will put me out. I didn’t know at that time, my identity information is fraudulent. China Daily: have you ever lost your ID card before? Liu Hanting: never, I can be sure of that. China Daily: where do you think the problem is? Liu Hanting: in 2009 to register the daughter of the account, I have the account of this information and other entrusted to handle, if there is a problem, this link is most likely. China Daily: found that identity information is fraudulent, you take what measures? Liu Hanting: at that time, I and the domicile of the Huilai police made contact, indicating the situation. Jinghai Town police station household information, so that I will post photos back again for my ID card. China Daily: the residence of the public security of your fraudulent use of identity information is how to explain? Liu Hanting: local police station has not been a positive response to my question, but that my personal information on the modified line. A total of 32 civil lawsuits involving arrears of up to 79 million China Daily: receiving the first notice time? Liu Hanting: nightmare begins in December 8, 2012. The same day, I suddenly received a call from a Shenzhen bank reminder calls, said my credit card overdraft 370 thousand yuan, let me hasten to repayment. I was just stupid, because I didn’t go through these business. As a result, the bank gave me my ID number, name and address. I quickly went to the bank to understand the situation, a door, the clerk said it was not me, because I and ID card on the "Liu Hanting" is not a person. Then I know, 2011 to apply for a new identity card, my image information is still using the previous network man. To seek for this相关的主题文章: