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Music Indian classical music is ageless and is a true celebration of human existence. In this modern world where we are busy in copying the western countries all the time, the charm of Indian classical music has still managed to remain intact. Even today, a Thumri singer in Kolkata still gets all the love and respect that a talented Thumri singer used to receive from the audience thousands of years back. The true essence of Indian classical music lies in its melodious ragas, and soulful notes. Over the period of time, everything like, the ragas, notes, singers and the .posers have gone through massive evolution. Although, various experiments were done with this style of music, but even after so many centuries, the basics of classical singing, are still the same. Acquiring the skills of Indian classical music is not easy. It is quite interesting to know that one who learns classical style music, can easily adapt to most of the other types of musical teachings also. Kolkata has always been a popular centre of music and art in Indian Subcontinent. There are only a few other cities in the country, that have an enriching cultural environment and hold as many classical concerts as Kolkata does. To promote Indian classical music the ITC Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata was established in the year 1977. ITC regularly arranges numerous concerts that are solely dedicated to classical and semi classical music. These concerts attract thousands of fans of classical and semi classical styles of music from all over the country and world. Devote fan flock in Kolkata, to get a glimpse of their favorite stars of Classical singing. It is an absolute treat for the senses to see these celebrated vocalists taking over the stage and enchanting the audience with sheer bliss and magic of soulful music. The concerts organized by ITC-SRA are truly a miraculous musical experience, which is an absolute must for any fan of Hindustani music. With the dedicated efforts of ITC these musical concerts are now being graced by the master of masters. Apart from providing the fans a great way to see their idols perform live on stage, these concerts also act as a podium for the new.ers and help them to make their grand debut. These concerts hold a lot of repute in the music world, and hence all geniuses wait patiently yet eagerly for years to be a part of these events. When it .es to Indian classical singers, Kolkata is known for housing the best of the Best. The residents of this metropolis are surely very modern but are still firmly attached with their roots. The people of the city of joy cherish their rich cultural heritage and wish to inculcate the same in the minds of the generations. From a very early age, the young children of the city attend the music schools to get training and guidance from the renowned music gurus. To salute this spirit and devotion of Kolkata, towards preserving the rich musical heritage of the country, reputed institutions like ITC Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkata are stressing, upholding and spreading the cause of Indian classical music internationally. These institutions and academies provide unparallel facilities and exposure to the Thumri singer in Kolkata so that the rich heritage of Indian music can be passed down to future generations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: