The Japanese car fuel consumption low scary Carola dual engine PK Sagitar (video) puritans pride

The Japanese car fuel consumption low scary Carola dual engine really feel now PK Jetta car prices! The introduction of new models or paragraph generation models, color value, configuration and other aspects of slightly less than our competitors a competitive, not worth mentioning. It looks good, open up a texture, sit in comfortable, with peace of mind and it will not be eliminated, and new models in recent years does give people feel the sincerity of vendors, they cater to the tastes of consumers, most follow the mainstream, to launch their own cars more attractive and more usable. Consumption is low – price appropriate drive corolla double engine when you Car Buying, may face such a problem: two cars are good-looking and easy to use car, how to choose? Here, we bring two cars, TOYOTA corolla and dual engine Volkswagen Jetta, they meet the above said "good and useful" features. Next, take a look at their fight. Comparison of models of information project Carola (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) dual engine 2016 1.8L CVT ultimate (ginseng, Sagitar pictures, inquiry) 2015 280TSI DSG flagship official guide price of 175 thousand and 800 yuan 185 thousand and 900 yuan promotional discount cash 3 thousand yuan cash discount of about 14 thousand – appearance contrast: sharp attack and moderate engaging appearance the two car is different in style, Carola double engine sharp line, the aggressive, give people the feeling is its uninhibited indulgence love freedom, very much in line with the young man’s character. Sagitar the continuation of popular style has always been calm, not aggressive but intriguing, the style is very harmonious. The spatial contrast: advantages and the wheelbase although Carola dual engine three dimensions are not dominant, but the wheelbase try to win applause, 2700mm wheelbase give dual engine rear corolla wide space, while the roof by taking time off the back of the head space design, so the same excellent. To maintain the same level of speed on the standard in space, but due to the rear platform with projections for intermediate passengers, long-distance buses will be uncomfortable. The dynamic contrast: 1.8L naturally aspirated engine with low fuel consumption and motor replaced by Atkinson heart Carola dual engine cycle technology as a driving source, comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 4.3L, this combination of power not only free electricity, energy conservation and environmental protection, the motor does not require additional maintenance, do good for peace of mind. Jetta changed EA211 1.4T engine, the power output and carefree, matching the 7 speed dual clutch gearbox shift decisively. Edit summary: Overall, the two orientations in the design style is completely different, corresponding to the different character of different consumers, but at first glance the design of double engine Carola more attractive. Carola dual engine hybrid, in today’s high oil prices of the period, is the possession of certain advantages for fuel consumption for jetta. Both have excellent cost-effective, practical and rich configuration. Select – corolla dual engine under the new trend of products or traditional Sagitar, probably in your heart already have the answer. Photo (photo: Pacific Automotive Network (micro)相关的主题文章: