The men’s convenience store police tracing speed qinzei — Law —

The men’s convenience store   police tracing speed qinzei — Law — in Beijing in August 31, recently, Chaoyang police successfully cracked the convenience store robbery case business section. Suspect men choose to carry out the early morning on duty convenience store robbery. Right now a suspect on suspicion of robbery was detained by the police according to law. August 24th at 5 am, Chaoyang police received the alarm, said someone in the East Bridge convenience store robbery. After receiving the report, investigators immediately rushed to the scene, after asking the alarm 10 minutes ago, Ms. Zhou, the on duty with another female colleague in a convenience store, suddenly broke into a height of about 170cm, overweight body of the young man, "don’t move, robbery!" She opened the cashier drawer in a man with a knife under the threat of man from the drawer and took all the money more than 4000 yuan after fleeing. Extremely frightened, Ms. Zhou called the police. Upon inquiry, Ms. Zhou and colleagues said that female man suspected looks a little familiar, should be near to the store and bought something. The scouts immediately retrieved the surveillance video near the convenience store, a comprehensive screening after the suspect found into a convenience store on August 23rd at 4:10 in the morning to buy small food with cash after 4:11, out of the convenience store to leave. Due to the suspect walking route is remote, and no surveillance video recording suspects image. To solve the case as soon as possible, Chaoyang Criminal Investigation Detachment investigators conducted a detailed investigation on the spot, to the incident for the center, a comprehensive investigation combing visits. The investigators retrieved the incident surrounding hundreds of monitoring probes, carry out analysis and tracing. Through the night view, found the suspect committing the crime after the ride near the night bus to the East sanhuan, after a fork video interrupt, suspect disappeared trajectory. Investigators decided to change the idea, the focus of work in the convenience store around the Internet cafes. After a large area Mopai, and finally found the suspect in the vicinity of the crime image, and quickly locked the suspect. After investigation, the suspect has the right to flee to Tianjin. August 28th 15 am, investigators arrested a suspect in a hotel in Tianjin. After interrogation, the right of a (male, 28 years old, Anhui people) to a convenience store robbery confessed to the crime. According to the right of a confession, to Beijing to work for two years, too early too tired to work less money and resign, that cash strapped right to find "shortcut" make a little money. Some 24 hours convenience store only female duty, came up with the morning waiting to rob a convenience store business section. The day before yesterday to the right of a convenience store "check for leakage", see the convenience store only two women on duty, they feel organic while on the early morning of August 24th, holding a fruit knife into a convenience store robbery. At present, the suspect on suspicion of robbery has been a criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is still under further work. Here, the Chaoyang police remind you: convenience stores should be timely installation, repair store monitoring probe, to ensure full coverage, no dead angle, normal operation; encourage the installation of a key alarm equipment; night at least two people on duty at the convenience store, the only retained a small amount of cash, check in time after storage, effectively prevent the occurrence of such cases. (Chen Lei) (commissioning editor Zhao Enze and Liu Rong)相关的主题文章: