The Ministry of Finance issued 26 billion and 30 year bonds continued for 23 days-imjpmig

Ministry of Finance continued 23 years 26 billion and 30 year national debt Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same kind of products for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Announcement of the Ministry of Finance said, in September 23rd the first issue of 2016 continued interest bearing book entry (nineteen) bonds. The issue of treasury bonds for a period of 30 years, the total amount of tender 26 billion yuan, a class member may be additional tender. The current national debt began to interest from August 22, 2016; the coupon rate was 3.27%; according to the half year interest payment, every year in February 22nd and August 22nd (holidays postponed, the same below) to pay interest, August 22, 2046 repayment of principal and payment of the last interest. On the date, in September 23rd, the same period of treasury bonds issued before the end of the day stopped trading; the tender ended until September 26th; distribution; since September 28th with the previous issue of the national debt merger listing transactions. The tender adopts a single price bidding method, subject to the price. A bid for the tender before the 1 day interval to 5 working days in the Treasury bond yield curve, pending repayment period of 30 years yields the arithmetic average value of each floating down 10% (four to five homes to 0.01% full price calculation) corresponding to the (four to five homes in the calculation to 0.01). (Wang Jiao) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

财政部23日续发260亿30年国债 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   财政部公告称,定于9月23日第一次续发行2016年记账式附息(十九期)国债。   本次续发行国债期限为30年,招标总额260亿元,甲类成员可追加投标。本期国债从2016年8月22日开始计息;票面利率3.27%;按半年付息,每年2月22日、8月22日(节假日顺延,下同)支付利息,2046年8月22日偿还本金并支付最后一次利息。日期安排上,9月23日招标,之前发行的同期国债当日停止交易一天;招标结束至9月26日进行分销;9月28日起与之前发行的同期国债合并上市交易。   本次招标采用单一价格招标方式,标的为价格。投标标位区间为招标日前1至5个工作日中债国债收益率曲线中,待偿期为30年的国债收益率算术平均值上下各浮动10%(四舍五入计算到0.01%)所对应的全价(四舍五入计算到0.01)。(王姣) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: