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The new car is not a female ticket, really want to run it? Sohu car this problem almost every new car owners will be asked whether or not to run in large coffee? There are a variety of online claims, how should we do? Today a large coffee to put their own experience to share with everyone! Xie did not, remember the point of praise to go! The running in period is defined as the process of contact, friction and occlusion during the initial operation of mechanical parts. Modern times are often used to describe two things or organizations in the operation of each other familiar with the adaptation of the time period. Why run after the new car, although has been running, but the surface of the part is still rough. In addition, there are some deviations in the processing and assembly, and some hidden troubles that are hard to find. In addition, the new parts and accessories, there are a lot of metal particles fall off, these metal particles not only make the parts between the wear and tear, and fall into the oil will also make the quality of the oil, the effect of lubrication. Due to the friction of the new parts in the operation of the larger than normal, so the fuel consumption will be relatively high. How to run 1 car to a reasonable cold preheating can help oil formation of oil film between the engine parts and components, thereby reducing engine wear, this process does not need to make the vehicle completely static, can slow start driving, between about 30 seconds for -1 minutes. 2 speed not too high now ordinary civilian cars maximum engine speed can be transferred to 5500-6500, so the running period, the speed should not exceed 4000 rpm, a conservative not more than 3500 rpm. Some people even dare to turn 3000, there is no need. 3 do not throttle action full throttle acceleration engine working pressure will increase, if it is automatic trigger downshift, the speed suddenly pulled up to the very high. So the throttle a little soft point, or to speed up to 4000 rpm. 4 timely shift in running in period driving manual transmission models, shifting to appropriate, low speed and low gear high speed high gear to avoid wrong behavior, do not use a long time gear (of course, fast speed in top gear except the case). As for the automatic transmission models, the road is good when the driver needs to continue to accelerate, while keeping an eye on the engine speed, try not to step on the accelerator accelerator. 5 add fuel to the quality of many new car owners are bought and the car, in order to save money, everyone will go to some private oil prices relatively low station. However, there is no guarantee of the quality of the oil, and the damage to the vehicle can be small. 6 avoid blindly pull high speed, many owners have a misunderstanding, that the new car pull speed is fast, and then put the car on the road to a crazy run. You know it’s dangerous, and there are a lot of metal debris in the first case of engine oil. 7 avoid long time run high-speed engine long time continuous high load, it is easy to cause mechanical wear intensifies, especially for.相关的主题文章: