The new Ji’nan the most expensive land appeared in Guodian only new real estate rised sunny came home

The new Ji’nan "the most expensive land" appeared in Guodian new flats sell the only original title: Ji’nan "the most expensive land" appeared in Guodian new projects, only sell the remote town in Licheng District of Ji’nan Guo, because the rush to war into everyone’s attention, how many new disc Guo town? How many people buy a house in Guodian? What is the price there? Along the Ji’nan Industrial Road, a Beltway not long, along highway 102, can be reached from the Beltway Guodian, go to Guo Dian Zhen road vehicles, mostly trucks, private cars less, dusty road. Hualian Supermarket door on the south side of highway 102, a ten square meter booth is simple, California · Eastern world city sales, there are two or three property consultant, occasionally there are one or two people to walk over the Advisory prices. It is reported that in the new "Guo Dian Wang" officially started selling, California ·, the world’s largest city in the East is the only new developments. A property consultant told reporters that in June of this year, when the California · the eastern city of the world on the online offer only 4500 yuan a square meter, but after the opening of the future certainly more than the price. In Ji’nan Soufangwang, reporters search California · discovered in the eastern part of the city in the world, the opening time for the September 30th show, but the property consultant said that at present the latest September 30th will not be opened, the opening time will probably be in mid October, but there are also likely to be delayed. The reporter saw, located in Yushan Avenue on the north side of the California · world; eastern city real estate has just started soon. A building just lay the foundation, the construction workers are busy, the East is still under construction real estate sales offices, from the outside, the sales offices on the row upon row of scaffolding, the overall structure has been built, but want to officially put into use, may also need a period of time. In California, · not far from the eastern world east side, the reporter found the new Emori estate shot down 1 billion 200 million yuan worth of land. There are a lot of saplings planted here, around the California · Eastern world city billboards. It seems that before this, California · Eastern world city has been regarded as a piece of land in the bag, did not expect someone to cut hu. For what kind of projects to be built after the wing of a staff of real estate developers, it is not clear how the building will be, because the enterprise has not yet planned. But can be sure that, due to the low volume rate, the future will not be all high-level. (Qilu Evening News reporter Zhu Honglei · Qilu point) [the manuscript contains text, images and audio and video data, all copyrights are the Qilu Evening News, any media or individuals shall not be reproduced without authorization, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law. ]相关的主题文章: