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The party concerned about north of the deep web car reform: what is behind the consideration? Sohu news recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities for the implementation of the rules of the network about the car to the public for comments. Network about vehicle and driver qualification how to define? What are the considerations behind the formulation of public documents? Once the policy is determined, the network will be about the development of the car and people travel what kind of impact? [new] Shanghai local car security requirements to ease congestion from the current rules for the implementation of opinions, Beijing, Shanghai clear requirements of drivers and vehicles for household registration in the city, the city vehicle. Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission said that the requirements for local people and vehicles, the first is to consider in order to ease of non capital function, governance of "urban diseases". At present, one of the main reasons of Beijing "urban disease" is the excessive growth of population disorder, the need to strictly control the size of the population. Taxi is a labor-intensive industry, its future development is bound to involve population size control and industrial development and employment oriented. From the traffic congestion management perspective, the current Beijing vehicle fleet has reached more than 560 vehicles, traffic jams spread outwards from the core area of the city, has far exceeded the carrying capacity of resources and environment of the road. In recent years, Beijing continued to implement the total control of the vehicle (Yaohao purchase) and rush hour workday tail number limit line (weekly driving) of the motor vehicle demand management measures, while the non nationals Car Buying and other towns Beijing vehicles are also restrictions policy, these policies and measures to make traffic congestion increasing momentum has been a certain degree of containment. In addition, policies and regulations are also required to give priority to the development of public transport, the appropriate development of taxis, optimize urban transport structure. In accordance with the implementation of the public notice of the draft rules, Shanghai network rental taxi and taxi operators to implement differentiated business. From the green point of view, we should take full account of the factors such as the carrying capacity of the road and environmental capacity conditions. To this end, Shanghai, a network of additional vehicles should be registered in the city, motor vehicle emission standards to reach more than five of the country. From the comfort point of view, the vehicle’s wheelbase should reach a certain standard. Where the network about the vehicle for fuel vehicles, the wheelbase should reach 2700 mm or more; for new energy vehicles, the wheelbase should reach more than 2650 mm. About the qualification of the driver of the car about the network, in accordance with the Interim Provisions of the state on the basis of the driver’s condition, Shanghai city about car drivers should have the city residence. At the same time, in order to protect the safety of the operation of the vehicle, the safety of passengers and personal property, Shanghai network about the driver should be held by the city public security organs issued a motor vehicle driver’s license. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, about the provisions of the driver of the car driver qualification requirements, and did not require the local household registration. As long as the non deep residence valid Shenzhen Special Economic Zone residence permit, you can apply for the network about the driver qualification. However, engaged in the operation of the network about the vehicle service vehicles, should obtain the "network booking Taxi Transport Certificate". The application of the vehicle must be registered in Shenzhen, more than 5 seat of the following 7 passenger cars, and the registration time in less than two years. Except for相关的主题文章: