The people of Fuzhou scheduled Benz million stock intention dealers did not retreat yuria

The people of Fuzhou scheduled Benz million stock intention car but not back the news network October 30th (Haidu reporter Zhao Yang) saw a white car out, I don’t want to buy, can be million yuan intent but not refund. Ms. Yang Fuzhou people call hotline 95060 complaints yesterday. In this regard, Mei Feng Lu Fuzhou star said the person in charge of the signature of the abroad, so the time delay, not deliberately. Ms. Yang told reporters that he was trying to buy a car, on October 3rd, the Fuzhou star Mei Feng Lu saw a white Mercedes B180 car. She asked for more concessions. The other side, the first to pay 10000 yuan intention to apply to the leadership price. For the table sincerity, Ms. Yang immediately handed over the intention to pay gold. After a few days, the staff told Ms. Yang, this white Mercedes Benz B180, higher bid for others, has been purchased, only the red car. Ms. Yang said he did not like red, put forward to return to the intention of gold. The other party also agreed, but so many days passed, but no refund. Ms. Yang repeatedly asked, the staff are dragging for various reasons. Ms. Yang huff, yesterday to call 12315 complaints, Fuzhou City Bureau has been involved in the market. Reporter yesterday contacted Mei Feng Lu Fuzhou star in charge of Mr. Zhang, he said, indeed promised Ms. Yang will refund the intention, but according to the procedure, the signature of the person in charge to the company. The person in charge of travel to Germany did not return, so it delays, not deliberately. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: