The pursuit of music dream youth story, have you ever listened to Sohu –

The pursuit of music dream youth story, have you ever listened to? – the true meaning of the mother and child art of the Sohu is to make people happy, to inspire and strength. Because Haydn likes a cartoon, so I love to listen to the music. Also because of a music, like the anime. There are always a lot of good anime music aftertaste. Hayao Miyazaki’s animation is not to say that the master Hisaishi’s music is not a classic. Here are some of my favorite music and music. Nodame Cantabile classical music. A classical music funny cartoon. The piano has personality genius pianist Nodame gifted, do not love clean, out of order, silly girl, super love meal chowhound. Piano talent is very high, prince. Everyone has personality, are some music geeks. Two. Girls (K-ON) light music here explain not only looks like soft music, but also to classical music and pop music together unified classification for light music. Keroro play mainly Rock Folk Jazz type of music. A combination of 5 women in a waste of the Ministry of light music from the beginning of the story of music activities, is very relaxed and happy campus animation. Three. Golden strings of classical music played college reading of Hino Kahoko is one of the ordinary girl, full of sunshine, no matter, things will be straightforward to face. One day she saw the accident music wizard Lili, wayward Lili will take advantage of Hong tassel drowsily to forcibly sent to her magic violin, and act tough and talk soft to force her to attend the school concert. After several games, and other players to form a good friend of the story, many of the classic classical music, is a music college students to pursue their own music story. Four. "April is your lies" the horse was originally mainland music prodigy, but at the age of 11 fall, because his mother died after it becomes unable to play the piano. For a man who has no aim, the daily life is like a monotonous, no color. However, in the spring of 14 years old, a man met a girl – Misono Kaoru. She has a rude manner and bad personality… Is a talented violinist, her appearance changed the gray world of the public. Since then, in and under the influence of a horse gradually rekindled love for the piano, and the distance between him and therefore getting closer. Five. Blow it! The number of high school into the north of the high school in the north of the hero of the yellow before the son, in the same class, the influence of the younger sister of the month to join the school play. North Uji high school play department until 5 years ago or the Kansai conference regulars, strong school representatives and the past or national conference appearances, however, since the play of consultant changed, never pass into the western conference. Then came a new opportunity to consultants, with the lofty goal of the members of the Department asperses youth struggle, a towering waves every day. The last episode is the common people to buy相关的主题文章: