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The southern suburbs of the 57 units is expected 11 days in advance of heating heating temperature can reach the standard of yesterday, take the southern suburbs of Xi’an municipal heating central heating company took the lead in opening valve ignition reporter Chen Feibo perturbation Thermotics Inc first heating ignition photo reporter Chen Feibo yesterday, mainly responsible for the southern suburbs of Xi’an municipal central heating heating work of the company, the first to open the valve after preheating ignition. After three days, is expected to 11, the southern suburbs of the 57 units in the home (indoor) temperature can reach 18 DEG ± heating standards; 2 C. The southern suburbs of the 57 units in advance "1, 2, 3 heating…… Ignition!" Yesterday morning at 10, Shaanxi Ming Tak central heating limited liability company in the electronic city heating station and the German gate heating station, the same time the ignition of the 12 boilers, the first batch of 57 units with warm warm air valve. Reporter walked into the electronic city heating station boiler, furnace, beat the flames a warm red, technical personnel carefully check, observation of fire furnace. To the boiler monitoring room, boiler DCS control system on beating the air chamber pressure, water pressure, water temperature, water temperature and instantaneous data, the reporter saw confused by so many data, for example, the staff said, "the water temperature is over 50 DEG C, residents of the room temperature can reach." Now the official ignition, after continuous warming, is expected in November 11th, the first batch of 57 units indoor heating temperature can reach." Office Director Wei said, the 57 units have fengzeyuan, Tang Yuan holiday town, Jiang Lin metro, imperial family unit. Early payment of heating, heating ahead of no additional charges. It is understood that, compared with last year, the company added the winter heating area of 2 million 917 thousand and 300 square meters. Why the heating in advance? Director Wei said with a smile, the practice, mainly to allow residents to feel the warmth of the winter, but also for the normal use of warm lay a good foundation. Room temperature standards should also be allowed to discharge standards, the reporter accompanied by the staff, walked into a heavy production of the room, a staff member is staring at the new equipment. "Not only good temperature, but also good emissions". The staff of the heating process to reporters, reserve in advance of coal (coal storage yard and slag field was closed, reducing dust, noise reduction, into the boiler by coal bunker) coal combustion equipment, as well as on the stove, coal fell below the reservoir Zhacang car away. Boiler flue gas emissions to meet certain environmental standards. "This is the denitration cycle pump, through the professional equipment to remove nitric oxide in flue gas." The staff said, the boiler desulfurization denitrification and dust transformation, waste gas by denitrification, and then dust, finally after desulfurization, to discharge a wisp of smoke from the chimney of the standard. In a "big" — the "central heating equipment production, transport and consumption of the central control system", the reporter found that it can show the remote data, a role for the staff said, if some residential property owners to reflect a problem at room temperature, companies rely on this system can implement remote monitoring through GPS of the 169 major users of temperature flow and pressure of the heat exchange station. Yesterday, the company has set up 9相关的主题文章: