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"Ling" is on line 16, cross dimensional story opens full battle mode – "spirit" is the Sohu Entertainment Conference creative photo [Click to view HD Photo]     Sohu entertainment news (self reflection map of Xuan Zhuang Xiuwen far-gloria video) and video by Sohu Beijing billion odd entertainment joint urban fantasy hero network drama "is the spirit" in November 14th produced the "awakening conference" held in Beijing, the general manager of the Sohu, the Sohu television video copyright mark center video market promotion center and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu and Yi Qi entertainment CEO & "is the spirit", "executive producer Tian Chuan is the spirit", producer Liu Mingli Xu Qinggai and director third Guo Huizhong Xie Peng, CO director of Yuchang, Sun Xuening starring such a public debut release. The play will be held on November 16th, every Wednesday, four zeros in the online video update Sohu, Gold members can watch more episodes in advance. At the press conference, Marco bluntly to the level of the domestic network drama speed upgrade again, based on the two dimensional rendering of a three dimensional image of the world. People love love story across dimensions more weapons "" shock on the line is the spirit of an accident about ordinary young Momin involved between the Union and the two day Jiuqing Ling Shi group struggle, and found that "spirit" has experienced a series of magical stories. In recent years, the two dimension of culture has gradually entered the public view, the content of the human settings in novels, comics and frequent. "The spirit of the device" to conform to the trend, to the ancient Chinese mythology as the background, the weapons of the mother set on the screen. Japanese anime + China wind mixes and adorable Niang story mode + fighting a domestic network drama precedent. The general manager of the Sohu video copyright film center " " is the spirit of sharing mark; inspiration back "is the spirit of original IP" source of inspiration, Marco said: "the idea came from producer Tian Chuan, he told a story to me, first heard this story a breakthrough dimension wall feeling, but to believe also, very excited." In this regard, Marco said, whether it is the two dimension or the three dimension, regardless of the target audience is 90, or after the 00, is the story of their own people, they have a sense of righteousness, and even weapons are also sentient. For this video and the cooperation of Sohu, Tian Chuan soulful confession, said he was the first to watch cartoons through Sohu video, watching seven or eight years, very emotional. In view of the Sohu engaged in the network drama, video and partner attitude, provide all aspects of support, as well as the industry’s good reputation, like video Sohu cooperation, the "spirit" is an opportunity for. Third is the director revealed not only directed, but also the "play" has been a guest, the third is the boss said: "I want to play Chuanfei Tian, hopes to pull me about the overall value of the crew." This speech was the presence of several behind the scenes of the author of "contempt". As the original blockbuster video Sohu in 2016, Marco said, we are determined to do this drama, and will do a good job. She said, Tian Chuan producer for this movie, in the filming process, the success of thin 50 pounds. "The spirit of the machine"相关的主题文章: