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The stars and the sea, sailing date for a way to travel – tourism Sohu on Paris Miss slow 6 continents and 43 countries, Pegasus star Sagittarius fashion travel columnist, CFP contract photographer Globetrotter, packet control control a number of fine shopping travel shoes TV and radio stations often sat sharing guests welcome attention to public number " do Paris ":byparis; close your eyes, the stars fall into the dream is to open your eyes, it is a city of dawn every sail is a different world for the cruise I was full of expectation, what is the reason for people, the sea new travel experience different from what? Sapphire Princess Cruise open course, take me to open a different kind of life. Sail station in Shanghai Wusong international terminal up the moment is really shocked to! It is a 10 storey building stands in front of white and blue colors show master style, in the short board after the long siren sounded, the ship is about to start a friendship! Sapphire Princess different layout room for visitors to choose, clean the bathroom is stocked with Princess Cruises provided by L’OCCITANE spare parts, of course, sailing on the sea if we can live in room with the balcony is the best. You can sit in the balcony on the couch watching the ship traveling on the sea, occasionally thrown waves and night sky, is a unique experience that can bring the cruise. Don’t worry about not enough on the voyage, in addition to every station of the city is a beauty company, cruise staff every night on the princess daily in front of the room, with tomorrow’s weather and cruise activities, a variety of interesting activities and remind very thoughtful. The first stop of the Jeju Island Princess Cruises sapphire, South Korea, Jeju Island. The Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju Island can’t be missed, and more and more teddy bears will appear in front of you. The Tactic bear under different scenarios, combined with exploration, followed it to the forest to play, go to the ice age and One Piece navigation, to participate in the fairy tale castle Prince prom… Bear bears painting and art and reality TV is to make people laugh, would not tell in the end what is the real star! "I’m sorry I love you" in pocketed tears, Wonder Girls, a famous uncle Su’s "nobody" from the pocket version of the classic gesture, Shrek to oversized Bocca della Verita, simply adorable of heart. "Botticelli Venus painting birth", "Star" and "Vitruvian Man" has its shadow Oh ~ 1000 Teddy bear in this but zhenguanzhibao Hera, head of the Crown Princess Hera all real diamonds. The smallest teddy bear is only a few millimeters, the biggest is higher than two people, boyfriend force MAX! To let you propose, which girl can resist the temptation? Busan recently hit "Busan line" let me on the second day of the trip to Busan do not have the same expectations, friends joked to go by train, which is a few days in Beijing.相关的主题文章: