The survey of Chengdu citizens annual income of 120 thousand part said life jinbaba (video) gigolos

The survey of Chengdu citizens annual income of 120 thousand part of life jinbaba said: "the annual income of 120 thousand high income" has been the rumor, but you know – – Tianfuzaobao reporter Chen Jun buddy should know a lot yesterday, "the annual income of 120 thousand yuan into the high income group is hot friends, or even the micro-blog hot search list. Soon, however, the news is a rumor expert! The state does not disclose the high income standards. Just according to the existing tax system design, annual income of 120 thousand yuan or more to declare their own tax. Then, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan, the standard of living in Chengdu? In this regard, the reporter interviewed Tianfuzaobao two annual income of more than 120 thousand of the Chengdu earners, understand this group of real life: a car loan mortgage, life jinbaba; don’t buy a car, although the daily expenses but also want to buy a lot of money, the pressure is not small. Figure 29: Lin south of a unit employees annual income tax of 130 thousand married for the housing for the car for kindergarten children usually buy fewer clothes is a 29 year old Chengdu girl Kobayashi, in the south of Chengdu, a unit of work, and her husband married 8 years, a 5 year old daughter. Kobayashi current annual income of about 130 thousand yuan, her husband’s income slightly more than her. Even so, Kobayashi still laments: "now is almost moonlight." Kobayashi said, pre tax monthly salary of 10 thousand, the actual hand is only more than 7 thousand, she gave reporters calculations: mortgage 2200 yuan a month, nanny 3000 yuan, children in kindergarten 3300 yuan, car 1000 yuan, 1300 yuan for food and transportation costs 100 yuan, 100 yuan of telephone charges, but also to the children to buy toys to buy clothes, occasionally a restaurant to see some friends…… "This is only a child, gave birth to a second child if the child’s consumption will double." Kobayashi seems that these are difficult to avoid the rigid expenditure, the children’s nursery on the class time, it is time for us to go to work, the elderly at home, the body is not good, can only please nanny with children." In order to save, Kobayashi said he usually only use the most affordable skin care products, clothes are rarely bought, try not to eat outside. 130 thousand yuan in annual income, said a lot less, but let Kobayashi feel no sense of security, home can not be a little problem, otherwise it will be very troublesome." She said, for some time, the home for the elderly sick, the drug cost is 3000 yuan each month, life is a lot of money. She joked: "sometimes late wages only by borrowing software survival." Kobayashi said it is precisely like her income groups, in the absence of help is easy to be ignored, we do not have other sources of income, can only rely on wages. Once encountered something, but not enough to enjoy the government subsidy standards, all can only own burden." Figure 25: Guyuan center of a staff income tax 120 thousand single monthly saving less than 2000 yuan to buy the pressure is not small 25 year old Gu is far outside guy, to work in Chengdu for 3 years, the annual income of 120 thousand yuan, tax 7000 yuan each month. Still single, not to buy a house to buy a car, he did not have a home Kobayashi has a large monthly expenditure, the days are relatively well-off. Gu is now renting, each相关的主题文章: