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The two generation of childhood memories trip: "Chinese" into the victim groups synonymous – Beijing China overseas network on 26 August, according to the French "European Times" compile reports, several days ago, France Wenzhou overseas Chinese Zhang Zhaolin in the suburbs of Paris (obayer Hervey lea, hereinafter referred to as the "European city") by the North African the violence after continuous coma for several days, the evening of 12, the end result of wounds died. This vicious incident triggered a strong reaction in China brigade industry, safety problems and phenomena in the Chinese community in France, was born of discrimination for a time become the focus of public opinion. France’s new observer recently published an article about the story of David Liu. David Liu this year, 22 years old, born in Paris, is a Chinese generation, at the age of 7 with his family moved to live in the city of Europe (so far), his childhood full of racial discrimination mark. "Is it good?" According to David Liu memories, starting from primary school, he was called "chinaman". "They asked my parents is not a restaurant, then they will ask" do the dog and snake meat? Is it delicious?" David Liu said: "I usually reply" they go home to eat Spring rolls." Enter junior high school, this life continues, accompanied by "blackmail and impose exactions on". David Liu said: "there are always a few people in front of the school stopped me, or on the way home from school, ‘wait’ me". Fortunately, David Liu rarely carry valuables. "At that time there was no money and no cell phone, they took away my sugar, most of which is Playstation’s two games, and that’s all, but the game is my friend borrowed from the." The word "Chinese" has lost its meaning. "Try not to be opposite to the four of them." David Liu said it would otherwise be considered provocative and get "what do you think of me? Is there a problem, Chinese?" Such a response. David Liu will try to avoid these people, "when I see them, I will not detour, they note, try to avoid harassment." Since then, David Liu, the word "Chinese" has lost its original meaning, it does not represent a race, and become weak, at any time may become a synonym for the victims of the group. David Liu believes that prejudice makes the Chinese target of being attacked. "Whether you are a Chinese tourist or a Chinese who has lived here for more than 15 years, it is the same for the attackers. "With a large amount of cash around the place," they think Chinese is like this." For the first generation of Chinese in France, the language barrier makes them choose to remain silent when they are hurt. David Liu’s mother had robbed several packets, also lost identity documents. "However, she doesn’t go to the police station." When an old NOKIA David Liu was 15 years old, his parents sent him to Paris相关的主题文章: