The UCG event highlights frequency shine inventory of those tight encirclement of the hero

The UCG event highlights frequency shine inventory of those tight encirclement hero lying to the wind and rain, ice age to fall asleep. Very touching UCG2016 season online open in September 5th successfully dropped the curtain. UCG this sweeping college eSports storm makes college students addicted in the summer. Heroes Union, DOTA2, hearthstone legend three projects prepared to meet the challenge record peak of more than 15000, the number of applicants. From all over the country’s elite universities eSports in the summer to bring you a pleasant game. Tiger live, panda TV, TV, TV, national fire cat Betta TV broadcast platform to watch UCG games the audience is in a continuous line. With the final DOTA2 finals Day 2009 "back Dionysus" commentary, the UCG line open finally draw a conclusion.   throughout this UCG line open, it is not difficult to find love for electronic sports college students, each project winning players have special skills, throughout the course of the game shows a superb competitive level. Let us work together to review this since two months from the UCG line open to break the various outstanding figures are the following. Changsha University, the five pass cut will be six, South Korea, the United States and the United States and the United States to kill the most important battle for the Quartet alliance project. Changsha University TC team as a Chizha Hunan Hunan has won many Hunan tournament honors ranking, and team unity is the cornerstone of this time they won the double, C outstanding performance is the key to eventual champion Changsha University.   32 into 16 games with South China Agricultural University NLG team, Changsha University, resorted to crow excavators, robbery, VN, fan mom lineup, with the single "OBtop" the crow super play, ultimately the team with tremendous economic advantages of 20 thousand and 1 to win the next round of promotion. The next 16 into the team XCS against the Wuhan Police Vocational College, Changsha University still play well and did not give the opponent too many opportunities to easily win the game. 8 4 Guangxi University zzz team is the first encounter battle of Changsha University, after a fierce rush of Changsha University had the last laugh. Semi-final encounter won the top popular Minjiang University), Changsha University, Minjiang University), the game in the first unfavorable situation in a timely adjustment of a good attitude reversal of the University, to clear the way to win the biggest obstacle. Three games down, the power performance of Changsha University ADC "Rhyth" can not be in a crisis, a stunning performance of Obama 14413 of Changsha University will be dragged into the tiebreak match point, 412 fill knife 915 policewoman playing without any way to Minjiang University). The final challenge on half rival Xiamen City University Changsha University Myhs team, a tit for tat battle can hardly be avoided. Xiamen City University Myhs team is not fuel-efficient lights, two games are under way for the Changsha University. When the road of Changsha University in the field of misfiring, linkage played with subtlety and firmly grasp the situation, smooth and clean, even under the two councils to obtain the final champion. Final title: Changsha University TC team runner up.相关的主题文章: