The woman claiming to be micro plastic surgeon WeChat was arrested for selling counterfeit drugs x3210

Woman claiming to sell counterfeit WeChat micro plastic doctor caught public attention, Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! China Jiangsu network November 1st hearing only junior high school Zhang, participated in the beauty products after the show decided to do a micro business. Then, she released micro plastic ads on WeChat cheap showmanship, door-to-door service, business was good, half earned nearly 20 thousand yuan. However, her online shopping products were not made legal procedures, identified belong to counterfeit. In October 31st, Suzhou District of Wujiang city procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of selling counterfeit drugs and two Home Zhang prosecution. Pictures from the network, the 28 year old Zhang Chongqing, only junior high school, she came to Wujiang to work, after work successively in more than KTV. However, she was not satisfied with eating "youth rice", hoping to find a long-term business. In January this year, Zhang went to Beijing to participate in a beauty products production and marketing, but also joined a number of micro plastic surgery group, which allows her to see the business opportunities brought about by high profits. So, she was determined to devote themselves to this, for this purpose also learn the use of major products. In the WeChat circle of friends, Zhang began to send advertising, said to provide a variety of Botox, Shuiguang needle, acne, eyebrow and micro plastic beauty services, not only cost-effective, can also be door-to-door service. She used hyaluronic acid, fat dissolving needle, botulinum toxin, Shuiguang needle, needle, blemish acne medicine, whitening needle, are purchased through micro channel from its home shaomou and wang. She knows that these products are either smuggling, or belonging to the high imitation, not only can not be circulated on the network, but certainly not the sale, but in the interests of the driven, she is still wantonly purchase. Zhang’s customers are mainly KTV practitioners, because the price is much cheaper than the regular institutions, and, she is also clear to the side of the friends, each introduced a customer to remove costs, profit sharing. Therefore, to find her in a continuous line. These people, some people before in other places, also suffered losses on both sides of the face, make a small, but still did not give up, and found Zhang asked she did not refuse plastic surgery. In six months time, Zhang is an injection is linked to water, busy awfully, net profit of nearly 20 thousand yuan. Every time the door service, she also took a few photos, before and after the effect of contrast, in the circle of friends to further WeChat business. Zhang abnormal activities eventually attracted the attention of the police, in June 2016, the police raided the residence of Zhang, in its rental and seized a variety of vehicles and medical equipment. After the arrest, Zhang himself confessed to the crime of selling fake drugs.相关的主题文章: