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Women drink a friend bubble "black wolfberry tea" wake up card money was transferred to Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Xinyu reporter He Jie) drank a friend deliberately soaked " black wolfberry water " and then found that the bank card money is gone. Modern Express reporter learned that recently, Changshou City Public Security Bureau dispatched a special robbery case in Hongqiao. Wang by mixing the anesthesia liquid water to drink the friend Xiao Li, Li Li after the use of mobile phone, confusion, turn away the bank card more than 1 yuan in cash. On the evening of November 7th, Xiao Li received a call from wang. On the phone, Wang said the trustee brought a package of black wolfberry to Xiao Li, and was waiting for her at the Xiao Li house. Xiao Li, without thinking, sat in Wang’s car. Subsequently, Wang called Li to taste, he took out a cup of " black wolfberry water " handed to Xiao Li, Xiao Li did not want to drink this glass of water. On the second day, Xiao Li’s mother found a sleeping Xiao Li on the floor of his house. Xiao Li was head Wang stays in memory have dizzy spells, she handed the water to drink, after a blank memory. The next two days, there is no Mike and loss, she even went to the hospital to do the brain CT, did not find out what the problem is. In November 9th, Li point a takeaway, want to use WeChat payment, but accidentally found that the binding of a bank card balance only 5 cents, then she tried to bind another bank card, but the balance of this card, there are only 1 yuan less. This frightened Xiao Li into a cold sweat. She clearly remembers, the two cards in November 7th when the total amount of 1 yuan. Look at the bank SMS, WeChat Alipay transaction records, transfer records, without any expenditure reminders or record. Xiao Li hastened to report to the police. In the subsequent investigation, the police found that the money on Xiao Li’s bank card was transferred to Wang’s account on the evening of November 7th. Wang Mouyou is suspected of committing a major crime. After examination, Wang explained the use of narcotic drugs to implement the whole process of robbery. Earlier, Wang through the Internet to buy a potion called anesthesia, the other said drink can cause dizziness, confusion, Wang began to move crooked brains. In the evening of November 7th, he lied to send Xiao Li wolfberry water to drink, and mixed it with water in the water. Xiao Li drank more than 20 minutes later, dizziness and other symptoms, more than an hour later, Xiao Li was completely asleep. Wang then took Li’s hand and used her fingerprints to unlock Xiao Li’s cell phone. By Mike’s fingerprints, the WeChat, Alipay transfer operation, the money into his account, then delete the records of all transactions. At present, Wang has been under criminal detention. Xiao Li learned the truth, in hindsight still scared, in his coma case, if Wang made the other crime, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate more. In this regard, the police also remind the public: for unknown liquid, must be vigilant, especially in the absence of sufficient trust around the case, we must be cautious.

女子喝下朋友泡的“黑枸杞茶” 醒来卡上钱被转走现代快报讯(通讯员 王新宇 记者 何洁 )喝下了朋友特意泡好的 " 黑枸杞水 ",之后竟然发现银行卡的钱都没有了。现代快报记者了解到,近日,常熟市公安局虹桥派出破获了一起特殊的抢劫案。王某通过将混合了麻醉液体的水给朋友小李喝下,致使小李神志不清,后利用小李手机,转走了其银行卡内 1 万余元现金。11月7日晚,小李接到了王某的电话。电话中,王某称托人带了一包黑枸杞要送给小李,正在小李家楼下等她。小李不假思索,便坐进了王某车内。随后,王某称给小李品尝下,便拿出一杯泡好的 " 黑枸杞水 ",递给了小李,小李没多想就喝下了这杯水。第二天,小李的母亲在家中地板上发现了昏睡的小李。小李当时头脑昏昏沉沉,记忆停留在王某递水给她喝,之后的记忆一片空白。接下来的两天,小李昏沉的状态未有减轻,她甚至去医院进行了做了脑 CT,都没有查出什么问题。11月9日,小李点了一份外卖,想用微信支付时,却意外发现绑定的一张银行卡上余额仅剩5毛钱,她随后尝试绑定另一张银行卡,但这张卡上的余额,也仅剩1元不到。这令小李吓出了一身冷汗。她清楚地记得,这两张卡上11月7日的时候合计还有1万余元。翻看银行的短信、微信交易记录、支付宝转账记录,都没有任何支出的提醒或记录。小李赶忙报了警。警方在随后的调查中,发现小李银行卡上的钱,竟是在11月7日晚转到了王某的账户。王某有重大作案嫌疑。经审查,王某交代了利用麻醉药水实施抢劫的全过程。早前,王某通过网络购买了一种叫做麻醉药水,对方称喝了能使人头晕,神志不清,王某就动了歪脑筋。11月7日晚,他谎称送小李黑枸杞水喝,在水中掺入了该药水。小李喝下后20多分钟后,就出现头晕等症状,一个多小时后,小李便完全昏睡。王某随后握住小李的手,利用她的指纹对小李的手机进行解锁。再利用小李的指纹,进行了微信、支付宝转账操作,将钱转入了自己的账户,随后删除了所有交易记录。目前,王某已被刑事拘留。得知真相的小李,事后想想仍然后怕不已,在自己昏迷的情况下,如果王某作出其它犯罪行为,后果更是不堪设想。在此,警方也提醒广大市民:对于来路不明的液体,一定要提高警惕,尤其在周围没有充分信任的人的情况下,一定要谨慎对待。相关的主题文章: