The woman in 290 million was the official deadbeat anger burst self revealing the truth (Figure)-zhuxianduowan

The woman in 290 million was the official deadbeat anger burst self revealing the truth (Figure) win is a fault? This is not the first time in November, according to media reports, the United States of New York to a single mother in the casino betting hit $42 million 940 thousand (about 290 million yuan), but this is the casino excuse of machine failure, only willing to free her dinner as compensation. This makes the party very angry, in order to get back bonus, she exposed the winning photos at the time. On the screen in the picture, the jackpot was 42949672.76 dollars. The client is Bookman Bookman Katrina, a single mother who raises 4 children alone. In August this year, she took a picture of the slot machine screen at the New York world Casino Resort, which showed that she had 42949672.76 dollars. She was celebrated beside her, and she began to think about how to share this huge amount of money with her family. But the joy of winning is very short. Bookman was taken away by the staff and told her how much money she could take tomorrow to see her again. But when she came to the next day to receive the award, the director told her that she hadn’t won any bonus, the machine was out of order, and she was only willing to give her a meal as compensation. "When you lose, the machine takes the money; when you win, you don’t want to pay, and that’s unfair". Bookman has hired a lawyer to sue the casino. What is even more suspicious is that the same situation is happening again and again, and then three. The woman in the 55 million 110 thousand awarding only 520 yuan at the beginning of 2016, according to the "New York daily" reported, Oregon a woman in November 2015, to a casino betting game won $8 million 500 thousand (about RMB 55 million 110 thousand) awards. But she was the official lottery casino to machine failure refused, only pay 80 dollars (about 520 yuan). The woman seemed to feel insulted, had decided to sue the casino to recover bonuses. But the final verdict was unknown. The winner of the interview 175 million winner only two steaks in 2014, Jennifer from Indiana CaMon (Jennifer Carmin) – when playing slot machines at a local casino, displayed on the screen in her 28 million 850 thousand dollars (about 175 million yuan) awards, and there was a staff in the next, but the casino manager has that is the program error caused in the grand prize, and shut down the machine, not only to pay, she and her boyfriend a steak dinner. The 170 million winner was the default only two steak Jennifer however angry, filed a lawsuit to the local lottery regulators. But Jennifer’s complaints can’t help save her grand prize. In terms of time and place, or after three characters, "default events are strikingly similar. The attitude of American gaming operators in dealing with such problems is also disappointing to the American lottery players. (Pan Feng)

女子中2.9亿遭官方赖账 怒爆自拍揭露真相(图) 赢了就是故障?这已不是头一次   11月份据媒体报道,美国纽约一位单亲妈妈在赌场投注命中4294万美元巨奖(约合2.9亿人民币),但赌场托辞说这是机器故障,只愿意免费赠送她一顿晚餐作为补偿。这让当事人非常气愤,为了讨回奖金,她曝光了中奖当时的自拍照。照片里的屏幕上,赫然显示着中奖金额为42949672.76美元。   当事人名叫布克曼(Katrina Bookman),是一个独自抚养4个孩子的单亲妈妈。今年8月她在纽约世界赌场度假村拍下一张和老虎机屏幕合照的照片,屏幕上显示她中了42949672.76美元。旁边的人为她庆祝,她也开始在想这笔巨款要怎么跟家人分享。   不过,她中奖的快乐很短暂。布克曼被工作人员带离,并告诉跟她,明天再来看她可以拿走多少钱。但当她隔天再来准备领奖的时候,负责人却告诉她没有赢得任何奖金,是机器故障了,只愿意请她一顿饭作为补偿。   “当你输的时候,机器把钱拿走;当你赢的时候,却不想付钱,这就是不公平”。布克曼已经聘请了律师,打算控告这家赌场。   更加令人猜疑的是,类似的情况竟然是一而再,再而三的发生。   女子中5511万兑奖仅得520元   2016年初,据美国《纽约日报》报道,美国俄勒冈州一名女子在2015年11月的时候,到一家赌场玩投注机游戏赢得了850万美元(约合人民币5511万)的大奖。但她兑奖时却被赌场官方以机器故障为由拒绝,仅能支付其80美元(约合人民币520元)。这名女子觉得好似被侮辱了一样,一怒之下决定控告赌场,以讨回奖金。但最终审判结果不详。 受害得主接受采访   1.75亿得主仅得两份牛排   2014年,来自印第安纳州的詹妮弗-卡蒙(Jennifer Carmin)在当地一家赌场玩老虎机的时候,屏幕上显示她中了2885万美元(约合1.75亿人民币)大奖,并且当时有工作人员在旁边,但是赌场的管理者却声称是程序错误导致中出巨奖,并关闭了机器,不予兑奖,只是给她和她的男朋友每人一份牛排晚餐。 1.7亿得主遭赖账仅得两份牛排   詹妮弗气愤不过,向当地彩票监管机构提出诉讼。但詹妮弗的投诉没能帮她挽回巨奖。无论从时间地点,还是人物经过来看,三起“赖账事件”都惊人的相似。美国博彩运营商在处理此类问题的态度,也另美国彩民倍感失望。(潘凤)相关的主题文章: