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Travel-and-Leisure Located south of downtown San Francisco, San Francisco International Airport is the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area and has flights connecting almost all the major airports in USA and other major destinations all over the world. This second busiest airport in California, San Francisco Airport is also known as SFO. San Francisco Airport is well equipped with all the amenities to make all its patrons comfortable. There are various cafs, restaurants and bars, gift shops, bookshops, clothing and accessories stores, toy shops, cosmetic shops. Other facilities include public showers, hair salon, medical clinic etc. Commuting to and from San Francisco Airport is pretty easy as it is conveniently located and you can easily hire a limo from San Francisco Limo service provider which provides San Francisco airport limo service. While waiting for your flight you can get an opportunity to pamper yourself a bit. Get a neck and shoulder message, pedicure, facial, or a haircut at any of its hair and beauty salons. You can collect souvenirs from the specialty stores in all three terminals. You can find electronics, sports equipments, jewelry, accessories, candies, postcards, and Californian wines. SFO Museums Have you ever seen a museum in an airport? You would be surprised to know that San Francisco Airport is home to amazing museums. The San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation library and Louis A. Turpen Aviation museum in San Francisco Airport is dedicated to the history of commercial aviation. The purpose of these museums and library is to spread awareness among public about the achievements accomplished in air transport by sharing the history of commercial aviation. The San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation library houses more than 6000 books which you can read or go through while you are waiting for your flight. The museum has a huge collection of over 3,000 photographs and over 5000 artifacts. The museum and library is closed on Saturdays. The best part is that the entry to the museum is free of cost. Hence if you have some free time and interested in taking in aviation history, then simply engross yourself in several books, photographs housed in the museum and the library. Facilities for Kids It often becomes difficult for the passengers to manage their kids at the airport while waiting. Airports generally dont offer much scope for kids. But San Francisco Airport is an exception. The San Francisco Airport has lots of stuff to keep the young fliers busy and happy. Various exhibitions keep taking place at the San Francisco Airport museums. You can take your kids to some interesting, kid-friendly exhibits such as the Aquarium: Underwater Planet exhibition, Play and Science Exhibition etc. In fact many restaurants in San Francisco International Airport even serve special childrens menus. And there are nurseries too located in all the terminals. The rooms in the nurseries have changing tables for mothers with infants. Considering San Francisco Airport is one of the busiest airports in the USA with both international as well as domestic flights; it can get a bit difficult to get parking or to get transportation to and from airport. However by hiring a limo from San Francisco airport limo provider you can travel in peace to and from the airport easily. So the next time, you arrive at the San Francisco airport to explore and sightsee all the major attractions in San Francisco, look around and spare some time to explore the grand San Francisco International Airport which is an attraction in itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: