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This restaurant "theory" the Yoshinoya play! But we are still learning…… Today you want to share a reference Yoshinoya falls two times the case. In 1970, Japan also Yoshinoya has only 3 stores, sold only a beef meal, to 300, suddenly overnight bankruptcy in 1983 after the reorganization, only now yoshinoya. In 2004, because of the mad cow disease epidemic, Japan to stop selling Yoshinoya beef rice, facing bankruptcy risk again. In 2006 before the resumption of supply Yoshinoya beef rice. This is because the Yoshinoya excessive dependence on a single product, the unrest once the supply chain end, the crisis comes immediately. Well, it’s all over. At present, Yoshinoya has more than 1 thousand and 700 stores in the world, China has more than and 400 stores, annual revenues of 3 billion 300 million yuan. Beef rice and chicken rice is its fist product. You think the reference, Yoshinoya down over the pit, is also worth thinking: how to do a single product focus, how to make products, standardization of the "degree" should be where? Li and Huang Hongsen, editor of | catering boss reference Xuejing in Beijing closed 1 Yoshinoya do a single product focus of the original logic is a popular Yoshinoya, canteen, selling all kinds of dishes. When the second generation successor Matsuda Mizuho in charge of Yoshinoya found so many products sold are not good, walk every day is very small. It was 1970, the first year of the Japanese food and beverage industry, before that year, the Japanese restaurant enterprises are small workshops, after a group of aspiring Japanese food and beverage companies began to try to chain and business. Matsuda Mizuho is one of the group, he wanted a family from Yoshinoya store into the scale management of chain enterprises. Matsuda Mizuho believes that: less products, food ingredients, the lower the cost of procurement, so that it can produce economies of scale. Further focus on a single product, so simple, easy to operate, there is no technical threshold, fewer people can maximize the interests of enterprises. Decided after the transition, Yoshinoya began elimination and optimization of restaurant products, customers finally chose Steamed Rice with Beef. 2 single product focus on three main pit Yoshinoya Steamed Rice with Beef focused on, beef, beef if this single ingredient is a problem, is a fatal blow to the enterprise. However, throughout 1970s, Yoshinoya supply only Steamed Rice with Beef this kind of food, raw materials is beef, rice, sauce three. Indeed, a single product focus to make Yoshinoya in a short period of time the rapid expansion to more than and 300 stores, but the ensuing crisis — 1 local beef shortage, can not support large quantities of demand chain Yoshinoya beef rice, originally used the Japanese beef seven thin three fat, such as beef tastes good, but the yield is very small. Both internal and external experts found in Japan to buy such food cost is very large, stores open more, the higher the cost, it becomes difficult to chain. So start Yoshinoya global procurement, they found that American beef is only a little Japanese fertilizer, although the taste is slightly worse, but the price is a lot cheaper. Yoshinoya consideration, American beef is not terrible, in order to demand chain, can be bought in bulk. 2 imported food trade risk, a careless move, then taste aliasing.相关的主题文章: