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This routine I serve: Cui Yongyuan also venture, sell non GM food – Sohu technology this will be a good business, but in the past, Cui Yongyuan opposed to genetically modified, the credibility of a few fold? In 2013, leaving the CCTV anchor Cui Yongyuan suddenly embarked on a "no genetically modified food" road, at his own expense to the United States filming a documentary, "exposing" the risk of genetically modified food (it was later refers to many fallacies); and Fang also launched fierce debate, finally rising to the court; the Department of agriculture he was criticized as in transgenic regulation. To tell the truth of the famous small Cui, is now the "reverse warrior" Cui Yongyuan. Now, Cui Yongyuan suddenly announced the venture, the industry is entering reverse gene food sales. In November 4th, 2016 China full retail conference held in Suzhou, Cui Yongyuan attended the meeting and made a speech, he also announced that this year has been officially established their own food company, to provide membership of non genetically modified food. "I entered the retail sector because 3 years ago, I was fighting with the proliferation of genetically modified, doing the process of family and friends, brothers and sisters always asked me how to eat safe food, I said this is really no way, it does not belong to me. Many people ask, I think it is a responsibility, it may be a business opportunity, then I will do this thing. I started running around the world to see how their safe food, what price, how to plant. So this year I set up my own food company, ready to brothers and sisters and friends to provide non genetically modified safe food." Cui Yongyuan also introduced, will provide services to membership. "I chose 3 cities, each city to develop 10 thousand members, only to provide health food for these 30 thousand people." Cui Yongyuan wants to have a two-way choice with customers, "he said," I don’t want to buy anything for him". Moreover, this company has a characteristic, will be held 12 lectures each year, please "is the world’s big head, is that you can think of who the best speech master, because he is my friend, I can be invited to use this way to my membership level of evolution." Surging news inquiries business information, a company called Cui Yongyuan old taste food development Co., Ltd. Changchun, in September this year in Jilin Province, the establishment of the registration. The legal representative of the company for Chai bin, registered capital of 20 million yuan, including the operation of the development, production and sales of traditional food (in accordance with the law shall be approved by the project, approved by the relevant departments before carrying out business activities). Another trademark information website, "Cui Yongyuan old taste food development Limited by Share Ltd has registered 23 trademarks, including the name" Cui Yongyuan eat the food words "," good Cui Yongyuan ", category for meat, eggs and dairy, edible oil, wine, fresh fruits and vegetables etc.. With the influence of Cui Yongyuan, and gather in the "reversal" in the process of food safety as well as a large number of fans genetically modified with fear, recruited 30 thousand members may be easy, you can imagine, with "non GMO" label member services and food must note相关的主题文章: