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Careers-Employment The importance of resume cover letters is often underestimated by jobseekers. Will your resume be read, or will it be thrown into the circular file with barely a glance? A well written cover letter can make all the difference. The most .mon mistake regarding cover letters (besides plain forgetting to write them!) is using them to duplicate information already in the resume. However, you need a cover letter that expands on and .plements your resume. Imagine that you’re the one sitting at a desk with piles of resumes to look at. They’re all printed on nice, white paper. All of them are covered in objectives and skills. Lots of them are ac.panied by cover letters, some of them very long and rambling. Overwhelming, isn’t it? Set yourself apart. Write a cover letter that grasps the attention of the reader and gives them several reasons to turn to the next page. So where to start? Look for examples of resume cover letters posted on the internet. There are examples that cover several different jobs in dozens of different formats. Use your favorite search engine to find them easily. Don’t be afraid to mention the name of someone who has both referred you and is well known to the .pany or interviewer– provided you have that person’s permission, of course. You’ll be using the power of networking referrals, which can go a long way in making sure that your resume gets serious consideration. Next thing you need to do is study the job description. Write references to it and describe how your skills make you suited for the job. It might be tempting to just repeat everything you wrote in your resume, but consider that this is a great chance to go even further. Talk specifically about how your skills suit you for the job and how you’ll benefit the .pany. First and foremost, imagine that the interviewer is reading and asking, "What’s in it for me?" Chances are that’s exactly what the interviewer’s thinking every time he or she is reading resume cover letters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: