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Holidays Christmas gift baskets are often sent to family, friends and clients to deliver your warm season’s greetings. They are elegant, beautifully adorned with holly and festive holiday bows, and filled to overflowing with gourmet treats. There are plenty of Christmas baskets to choose from. This article offers some tips on selecting the perfect Christmas gift for the recipients on your list. 1. Holiday Gourmet Food Gift Basket For Large Groups: For large family and office gatherings, you probably want to select a large basket with a variety of gourmet food and treats. You can find a basket for grand gatherings that includes lobster pate spread, Pimento stuffed olives, smoky beef summer sausage, smoked Alaskan salmon fillets, water crackers, creamy cheese spread, cheese crisp straws, shortbread cookies, old fashioned kettle fudge, seasoned bread sticks, chocolate cream filled pastry cookies, and sparkling cider. These baskets contain bountiful gourmet treats for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, for large gatherings, you can send more than one basket, or a combination of different types of Christmas gifts described below. 2. Holiday Gift Basket For Smaller Groups: For smaller families or groups, you can send a medium size holiday basket. A representative basket may be filled with shortbread cookies, chocolate cream filled wafer cookies, gourmet coffee, chocolate supreme cappucino, basil and olive oil bistro dipping chips, chili salsa, cream filled pastry puff cookies, seasoned dipping pretzels, chocolate mint cream bar, beef summer sausage, Ghirardelli caramel chocolate squares, chocolate truffles, creamy cheddar cheese spread, Hemmingway tea, Dolcettos cream filled pastry puffs, water crackers, and butter toffee pretzels. You can get all these for under $55.00. For individuals, you can send a beautiful Christmas basket at prices as low as under $40. 3. Holiday Sleigh: For individuals who love keepsake gifts, you can consider sending a holiday sleigh gift basket. The beautiful brass sleigh is filled with plenty of gourmet goodies. including biscotti, chocolate wafer cookies, savory snack mix, trail mix, truffles, gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, and more. The holiday sleigh can serve as the perfect Christmas holiday table centerpiece for many years to come. 4. Holiday Tower: Holiday treats taste better when they come in delightful boxes. A popular holiday tower consists of 3 gift boxes filled with scrumptious cookies of seven different favors, caramel corn, snack mix and individually wrapped gourmet cream centered chocolates. The stack of 3 gift boxes are tied up with a bow and wooden snowman ornament. 5. Chocolate Gift: For chocolate lovers, you can consider sending a 3-piece set of sparkly drum designed gift boxes filled with decadent chocolates. Inside the drum boxes are assorted Lindt truffles, assorted Ghirardelli chocolate squares, assorted cream center milk chocolates, frosted sprinkled pretzels, and chocolate drizzled caramel corn. This gift tower should satisfy the holiday chocolate craving of anyone. 6. Holiday Tray: For a combination of savory sweet treats and healthy nuts, you can send a wicker holiday tray filled with pistachios, caramel milk chocolate nut clusters, chocolate covered graham squares, holiday chocolate gems, and almond Roca English toffee candy. This holiday tray will be the hit of the party. 7. Meat and Cheese Gift: Meat and cheese are often the life of a holiday party. Generally, they are men’s favorite snacks. Meat and cheese gifts are also very attractively priced. Therefore, they are great gifts if you have a long gifting list. You can consider sending a holiday sampler pack. The gift includes Bavarian meats, roasted garlic cheese block, cranberry cheddar cheese, tomato basil cheese block, assorted flavored gourmet mustards, Bavarian Halle sausage, beef salami, cheddar cheese spread, white almond cranberry bark. This is a sophisticated and satisfying gourmet gift. 8. Christmas Cookies: Holiday parties will not be complete without the festive holiday cookies. You can consider sending a tin of delicious Oreo Cookies dipped in an assortment of delicious fine gourmet chocolates, and decorated with hand crafted royal icing Christmas decorations and sprinkled with festive holiday confettis. This is a great gift for family and friends or as a hostess gift. In summary, you can select a perfect Christmas gift basket for recipients on your list based on the group size of the receiving parties, the number of recipients, your budget, and the food preference of the recipients, About the Author: 相关的主题文章: