To beat the student August Weiyang crew issued a statement clarifying entertainment Sohu roxane hayward

To beat the student? "August Weiyang" crew issued a statement to clarify the Sohu entertainment "August Weiyang" crew that 1  "August Weiyang" crew that 2  Sohu; entertainment news recently, according to friends broke the news that Shanghai is a University shooting TV series "August Weiyang", the crew beating students at the school. Students and even lead to bleeding. In this regard, "August Weiyang" crew formally issued a long initial response.         full text is as follows: "August Weiyang" crew ("the crew") just noticed, WeChat, micro-blog, watercress, know peace, forum on the Internet platform communication forwarding about the filming crew during the change of teaching building affect students’ learning, do not clean and dirty beat the student events of speech, posts and pictures in the East China University of politics and law, by a large number of frequent forwarding and transmission, and caused a lot of users know the truth for the crew of artists blame and false evaluation. For these events, the group has paid great attention, and timely understanding of the relevant circumstances, the unified statement is as follows: first, the crew will have two classrooms and dormitory as a change of the interior filming, but the change did not cause any damage to the classroom, drama group will also be in related scenes after the completion of the shooting timely and properly and carefully restored the classroom. Second, the network spread the crew on campus shooting site leave clutter images, it is taken in before the king home furnishings has not yet ended, the group set in after the completion of the work has taken timely and complete implementation of the cleanup work. Third, on the network transmission beating students events, although exaggerated, but we first related events occur to you to express my sincere apologies. The protection of artists working environment without interruption based on the consideration of the crew during filming on the sidelines for personnel taking behavior implementation of control measures. The evening of August 25th, in the shooting scene, because a passerby forced to take pictures with the crew of the dispute and pushing, after mediation, the crew was on the same day with the passers-by on the event of a dispute to reach an understanding and shook hands. Although the passers-by not in school, but the crew is dealing with inappropriate, in this regard, we as the employer responsibility, once again apologize, we will alert you to avoid the recurrence of the same event, also thank you for your supervision. Fourth, the TV series "since August Weiyang" boot so far, all the participating artists always diligent, careful completion of the work, the crew members of the participating artists for the professional attitude and skills to acknowledge and thank. These events occur with all the participating artists, in particular, in a dispute with a passer-by, the participating artists and the director is to concentrate on work, did not know, in any case, the explanation and comments were not for the crew of the participating artists, should not hold even by performing ginseng accusation and abuse. Network violence we resolutely resist any unknown truth to petty, and reserve the relevant parties legal responsibility相关的主题文章: