To want to experience a few fresh spicy spicy Sichuan at the beginning of Hong Kong heron! – Sohu to carmex润唇膏

To want to experience a few fresh spicy spicy Sichuan at the beginning of Hong Kong heron! Sohu and Hong Kong fishing Heron is Zhongshan Road’s eight oldest city seafood stall, recently opened a shop on the edge of Sichuan Island, where seafood dishes will remain unchanged, and the new increase of Sichuan, in addition to the traditional Sichuan, there are also some seafood Sichuan practices. The environment listed Xiamen traditional arcade on the two floor is simple and bright, food stalls decoration, seafood pool price tag, the wall is also close to the price of some dishes. Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce: the braised with spicy Sichuan, made of soft shelled turtle is also less common taste is rich and there is no reduction in the red delicious soup, turtle meat smooth delicious, delicious dishes tape. ,,, Duojiaoyutou: Spicy fully penetrate into the meat, the meat tender and spicy flavor is enough. Eel farm: fried eel section meat compact, rich flavor, good taste for drinks Fried rice noodles: the most common staple food stalls in Xiamen, Rice noodles smooth taste just. Chrysanthemum fish: appearance is very good-looking, about grass carp made a cut of meat, sweet and sour taste, delicious. Snail meat stewed pork soup: This is very nourishing, suitable for children pregnant women to eat soup, taste fragrant, crisp meat. Lobster soup?: Boston lobster shape domineering, two large pincers, many local food stalls have this. The sign of the laver cake, with shrimp meat, fresh and delicious recommend a try. Turbot: this fish is fried steamed, salt and pepper practice first, did not expect the fish too salty and savory, with beer just steamed crab: it is a good time to eat crab, steamed egg steamed crab does more to keep fresh and sweet flavor of the crab clam: Hong Kong address: Sichuan Heron cross bamboo Road 24 No. (Hong Kong fishing Heron restaurant, Taiwan snack street, eighth Market Road)相关的主题文章: