Today, the museum presents a solo exhibition of Wu Juehui devices

Today Art Museum presents Wu Juehui device Exhibition on August 20, 2016 afternoon, "bit house oulo boros" dimension jumper Wu Juehui exhibition at the Today Art Museum Hall 1 2 layer opening. The exhibition is sponsored by Today Art Museum, is an important project of Young Artists Series promotion plan, "pass through" dimension "Wu Juehui bring new house – oulo boros bit" appearance, become this summer the most experience and interactive art exhibition. Jumper Wu Juehui carries for the occult, he will not related to the media into the same space, and planning and production team to hatch a very cohesive work across time and space: "bit Palace – oulo boros". The artist with the ancient myth of human enlightenment, scientific revolution and intellectual expansion and admiration, on the sinking leaching experience and reflection type, visual meaning, set realistic care, and to the future time. "Bit" is the password of clearance, and also the main medium of reference, in the reincarnation, rebirth, infinite, bounded, the universe and information through. The work is inspired by the "snake ring UROBOROS" — the scaffolding matrix, the circular staircase, the lifting light, the projection and the sound of the integrated works have their own metaphors. The scaffolding matrix is limited amount of space, sort of endless change of city construction, city patches can be seen everywhere in the scaffold, make the city body stripped bare skin, both realistic and abstract. The matrix patio is infinite boundary, the hot light round-trip lifting like "day", projected outward from the scaffolding of the shadow, will be enlarged to the entire palace matrix space; light projection like "Moon", the digital map as general picture surface free from mottled steel. The overlap between physical and digital pixel light switch, created a "day", "night" change the virtual landscape. The ups and downs of roundabout ladder inside the matrix overlap, such as "snake tail biting" as one from end to end. The audience walked around the ladder, can experience a number of artists set the parameters of the "night and day", the difference between the law of the changes, the exhibition opens the way for the audience to another dimension. The sound field of pulling the audience to frighten the giant matrix, and a sense of ritual synesthesia, bring the audience open round reverie. The exhibition is also a continuation and promotion of today’s Art Museum, the future museum, once again in the name of art to challenge the space, so that the arts break through the shackles of space, explore the unknown and the existence of. Wu Juehui, as the future of the new artists in the museum on behalf of the artist, shaping the image of the artist living in the moment to meet the future. This will be on display until September 20th.相关的主题文章: