Too rough! Have been repeatedly upset defending failure can regain the cup + Hengda (video)-winpm

Too rough! Have been repeatedly upset defending failure can regain the Hengda + cup? FA Cup final stunning Promo two "champion" in the FA Cup staged the return of Wang Zhe Hengda is not smooth on the evening of 20, Hengda in the FA Cup final against Jiangsu suning. Over the past 5 seasons, Hengda a total of 2 times to enter the FA Cup final, but there are early out of the embarrassment of the 3. In 2011, a champion of identity into the super Hengda, with super Muriqui and Cleo etc. the top foreign aid, they met the general strength of the Shaanxi and in the FA Cup second round, the outside world has been optimistic about the constant will easily pass. But in the away game, Muriqui and Yu Hai in 90 minutes each scored 1 goals 1 to 1 draw. Then the two sides into the cruel penalty shootout, after 13 rounds of the final competition, Hengda to 11 to 12 out of regret. In 2012, Hengda in the league championship, entered the quarterfinals in AFC Champions League in a way into the finals in the FA Cup game, against Guizhou and. Hengda in the first leg away opponents 1 to 1 draw back to the home court case, with Zhang Linpeng, Barrios and Conca scored 4 to 2 win, a total score of 5 to 3 for the first time to get the FA Cup champion. In 2013, Hengda achieved three consecutive years in the league, but also in the AFC Champions League beat Seoul FC for the first time to get the AFC Champions League champion. At the same time, they re entered into the FA Cup final, Hengda Super League, FA Cup and hope to get AFC Champions League crown three. The results in the first round of Hengda away 0 2 lost to rivals, back to the home court although 2 to 1 win, but with a total score of 2 to 3 no defending, missed the single season to achieve three consecutive Albert opportunities. 2014 FA Cup, Hengda in the third round of only 1 to 0 defeat of Guangdong sunray cave, the next road face Jianye, Hengda is Xiao Zhi scored 2 goals in 1 than 2 lose upset out. At that time Gilardino scored a seventy-fifth minute equaliser jianye. Eighty-eighth minutes into the game, Xiao Zhi scored lore ball. 2015, Hengda opening stage suffered injury problems, the FA Cup third round away against a team in Xinjiang,, Hengda sent a team of 13 people play, and Cannavaro did not follow the team play. Eighty-ninth minutes, the referee fan Qi dispute the penalty, Li Shuai was sent by pushing fan Qi, Hengda assistant maddaloni expelled, danalahe penalty lore, Hengda 1 to 2 out. This season, Hengda in AFC Champions League out early, the club’s goal is to win the Super Cup and fa. The results of successive elimination in Inner Mongolia Hengda, Tianjin TEDA and entered into the semi-finals of the national security. Semi final encounter rival city. The first round competition, R & F with Xiao Zhi and bar Harvey (data) goal 2 times ahead, but the GalAT 2 Savior, both 2 to 2 draw. However, the second round Hengda 3 than the total score of 5 to 3, after a lapse of more than 3 years after entering the FA Cup final again in 1. In the past six years, Hengda won 6 Super League trophy, 2 AFC Champions League titles and 2 China Super Cup, but they only won 1 times in the FA cup. Once Hengda in this year’s FA Cup win again, they will get second times相关的主题文章: