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Typhoon "Meranti" gradually close to the closed one day – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Fuzhou on September 14th news Fujian middle school (Fujian station reporter Gao Rong) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, but come together and a casual visitor, that is super typhoon "miranti". The fourteenth typhoon this year miranti is approaching Fujian, yesterday afternoon, "Meranti" reached the peak strength, has become the strongest typhoon this year global waters, is expected tomorrow morning to morning landing, landing sites for the southern Guangdong Province coast. Today, the "Meranti" into Fujian 24 hours cordon is expected from today to 16, Fujian eastern counties have heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rainfall, Guangdong eastern coastal counties and the sea level will have 12 to 14 winds, the typhoon center wind reached more than 15 of the area. It is reported that the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon red warning. The fourteenth typhoon of this year’s " miranti; " the center is located in the southeast of Fujian at 6 o’clock this morning in Zhangpu county about 480 kilometers south of Taiwan sea. From now to see the path of typhoon, which can determine the "Meranti" not so typhoon landing in Taiwan, the energy consumption may not, in this super typhoon landing Fujian magnitude at the junction, and this is very special, and during the Mid Autumn Festival astronomical tide superimposed, and the destructive impact will not be underestimated. Although it is the Mid Autumn Festival, but in Fujian last week, feel like in the rainy season, especially in the past two days, many places in Fujian has been heavy rains, some local frequent heavy rainfall, flood control and drainage pressure is very large. The impact of the typhoon landing time is just at the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, especially some of the children of Fujian Fujian brothers and sisters, to use the force to win this battle. Typhoon " moranti " many have struck, Fujian is not only the wind It’s raining and blowing hard., coastal, mountain wind is also great, at present, Fuzhou city and the impact is not too large, should this evening to tomorrow, Fujian will have heavy rain to heavy rain, heavy rain in the strongest period of time in the evening until tomorrow night. The main precipitation area in Fujian, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan, Putian, especially in the Sha Zhangquan Minnan three of the local rainfall may exceed 350 mm. Affected by the typhoon, longxia railway to the Po, so there will be a heavy rain, locally heavy rain. In order to reduce the impact of the typhoon, Nanchang Railway Bureau has decided to stop selling today to route 16 of these lines a total of 166 train tickets. The reporter learned from Xiamen five pier, "Meranti", currently Xiamen five passenger terminal has been shutdown, all suspended today and tomorrow. Including Xiamen jinmenroute also suspended across the board, and the Fujian Department of Education issued yesterday evening, the coastal areas of Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian, Jiangzhou and Pingtan experimentation area in primary and secondary schools including all secondary schools and kindergartens will be closed all day today, other schools in coastal areas, including Longyan, Sanming, Ningde, Nanping and various schools.相关的主题文章: