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Writing-and-Speaking Understanding auto insurance coverage helps you select the correct auto insurance .pany in Tucson and Casa Grande, Arizona. But, why should you purchase auto insurance in the first place? You’re a good careful driver with a good, clean driving record. First, 47 states require auto insurance. Second, auto insurance is a crucial element in protecting your financial investment, not only in your car (regardless of how cheap or expensive it is), but also in your property and financial portfolio. No matter how careful you are, it is always that split second, or that other driver. Driving a car without auto insurance could leave you liable for damages, and at risk for medical costs and for legal consequences. You’ve tried to be a smart financial planner; purchasing auto insurance for your car is just another step. Understanding Types of Auto Insurance Coverage The type of auto insurance coverage you buy is heavily determined by the type of car you drive and by what you want covered on it. For example, a brand new sports car requires a different type of auto insurance than an older SUV, and both of these require different car insurance coverage than a very old "beater" car. The state and the bank (if you have money owing on your car) might also require particular types of auto insurance coverage. Basically, there are standard types of auto insurance coverage. .prehensive auto insurance pays damages and loss, such as damage caused by storms or vandalism and loss caused by theft. Medical coverage is self-explanatory. This auto insurance pays for the medical expenses of the parties hurt in the auto accident. Some states require Personal Injury Protection. This is additional medical insurance that pays the insured driver’s medical expenses. Liability coverage pays for property damage that you have caused to other cars or property and medical payments for any injury you have caused to the other people involved. Collision auto insurance is pretty much described by its name. It pays for any damages caused if your auto hits another object or another car. Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist auto insurance are similar in that they cover your injuries that might result from a collision with an uninsured or under-insured driver. You might need this coverage if the other driver is at fault and their liability insurance is too limited to cover your injuries. Rental Reimbursement auto insurance .es into play if you rent a car while your car is being repaired for damages due to an auto accident. You will often find these basic auto insurance coverage types .bined in different packages. Keep in mind that although it is tempting to get just the bare minimum insurance, doing so could leave you liable for thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in the case of an auto accident. Plan your auto insurance wisely and protect your financial investments. To find good auto insurance, you can go online and search for free online auto insurance quotes. You can find quality, affordable auto insurance policies that are sure to save you money, while not sacrificing coverage of the precious investment in your car. .pare the auto insurance policies and rates in Tucson and Casa Grande. Understanding the different types of auto insurance coverage, will help you be able to review the different auto policies available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: