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Business A broker is simply the intermediate that provides buyers and sellers, the access to forex market. The forex market is essentially made up of two types of traders, the buyers and the sellers. The market is very huge and the buyers cannot find the appropriate sellers by themselves for trading forex and thus to make trade more efficient, a third category of people .e into play and those are called the brokers. A forex broker or a forex dealer is a middle man that matches up buyers and the sellers for forex trade. There is a multitude of forex brokers offering their brokerage services today, but they might vary in their legitimacy, policies, procedures and quality of service. The dealer a trader selects must be the most suited to the trader style of trader. A trader must be careful whether the broker is regulated by the official authorities in the particular country, the software and trading platform they are offering, what is the minimum account they are offering, for what duration do they offer their demo-account, the .missions charged and so on. The reputation and background of the broker among traders can be judged by researching the on the inter., participating in forums and getting user feedback from experienced people. There are different type of brokers based on the different levels at which they exist in the forex market. Institutional Forex Brokers A group of more than 200 banks these are directly connected to the forex market .These brokers are banks and mainly for the banks, and not for the individual trader. Institutional Market Maker These types of brokers are not as directly aligned as the institutional brokers but are very closely aligned with the market. They require large sums of money for access to interbank market for trading forex. Retail Market Maker The largest section of the online brokers they offer different services to the trader, some are directly linked with the market while some are linked indirectly through another broker. These forex brokers are especially suited for beginners as they allow for lower thresholds for opening accounts. Bucket Shop Brokers They have no real connection with the actual forex market. They rely on currency futures and options. They book trades but rarely execute them. The legitimacy of such brokers is doubtful and it is best they are not tried, if you are new to the trade. Bookmakers This type of broker also has almost nil connection to the forex market. They make profits based on the differences between buy and sell prices (spread) thus also called spread betters. These brokers are illegal in most countries and are best avoided. For a Forex trader, choosing the right broker is one of the critical decisions before one starts to trade. In the world of currency market, the right forex brokers can make forex trading an easier experience for the trader. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: