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Visit the Xisha Yongxing Island: peace beauty was behind the September 23rd dedication – Military – soldiers, "we march on the road — Network celebrity camp" motherland along coastline all the way south, in Zhanjiang the feeling of the Marines in Wonsan heroes bright and brave, hehe Wu Xun, and Air Force combat readiness the visit in Sanya; the Navy new missile destroyer, and was from the sea cliff breakout escape No. 372 conventional submarines. Whether the PLA officers and soldiers superb combat skills and iron will, or the armed forces of advanced weapons and equipment, makes the network big coffee are full of gratitude and pride. But all of this in the whirling shadows to see the Yongxing Island, are turned into of the PLA officers and soldiers heartfelt gratitude, Trinidad Changsha, Wan Li Tong, only when you really stand in front of the South China Sea, will feel the glory and greatness, and it is because of the numerous soldiers sacrifice and devotion. Chinese, free to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this piece of the sea of ancestors. The glow of the background image gradually rises in the Yongxing island on the horizon, the deck came waves excited cheers, at this moment, more than and 10 hours at sea bumps are insignificant, and eager to embrace the excitement of Yongxing Island linger in every human heart close. (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi) walking on the island, everywhere is green leaves, coconut trees, in addition to a few office buildings for invaders left historical exhibitions, Yongxing island is the old city, neat buildings, supermarkets, banks, restaurants and other facilities are Goods are available in all varieties. though. Fullies equipped, the visitors from all over the island tour, can not feel the distance, hundreds of kilometers that imaginary inconvenience. In a comfortable environment, visit the full historic museum, general forest, enjoy the magnificent scenery surf laolongtou, people can not help but linger. Yongxing island is the largest island in the Paracel Islands area, there are from the Western Han Dynasty Chinese activity traces of ancient people in the Tang Dynasty, will be included in the Chinese territory under 1000 years, Paracel Islands has been a territory China, generations of Chinese fishing nets, shelter, fabric transfer trade here, even Zheng He with the huge fleet under the western, have settled in Xisha, Xisha Yongle and Xuande islands islands, hence the name. It can be said that in the course of the Chinese people to the ocean, Xisha is an irreplaceable transit station and safe haven. (commissioning editor: Wang Lujia (Intern), Yan Jiaqi) however, with modern Xisha peaceful quiet, hundred years in Xisha is full of frustrations, from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, with Chinese’s weakness, Xisha has become the great powers compete for the prize, Britain, France and Japan, the invaders have left a swagger before others a scar in Xisha beautiful body, since the island remains a blockhouse in France and Japan invading army left the bunker, silently accusing the imperialist countries of Chinese brutal aggression. Let me, a symbol of Chinese stigma of the recovery of Xisha monument stands in Japan Baolou feet)相关的主题文章: