Wang Rongping Yancheng Dafeng to grasp the trend of network; promote development of ecological 660003

Wang Rongping: Yancheng Dafeng to grasp the trend of   network; promote development of ecological tourism in Jiangsu — people’s windows — original title: grasp the new trend of tourism development to promote ecological tourism development in October in Holland sea, contiguous acres of lilies bloom; scenic tourists, Dafeng tourism market prosperity. October 4th, Yancheng municipal Party committee secretary Wang Rongping to use the National Day holiday, came to my district research tourism development. He stressed the need to conscientiously implement the province’s tourism industry development conference spirit, according to the Seventh National Congress of the deployment requirements, grasp the new trend in the development of the tourism industry, adhere to the ecological tourism as the key global travel direction, accelerating the fine lines, scenic areas and the construction of key projects, to create distinctive ecological leisure tourism destination, full the tourism industry to play an important role in the overall completion of a comprehensive well-off society in Yancheng. Yancheng Municipal Committee, Secretary General Pan Daojin, Yancheng Municipal Committee, party secretary Wang Rong Yishi Dafeng, Yancheng City vice mayor Zou, I accompanied the district mayor Song Yong investigation. The National Day Golden Week holiday tourism consumption, focus on the release of the first four days, Holland Huahai scenic tourists 280 thousand passengers. The development of Wang Rongping detailed understanding of tourism activities and tourism in the region of dafeng. He pointed out that the tourism industry is prosperous industry, green industry, a sunrise industry, implement the province’s tourism development conference spirit, to grasp the new concept of the new requirements, small implementation efforts in fine falls, establish problem oriented, adapt to the needs of tourists, carefully planned routes, rich tourism, exploration of social financing accelerate the construction of key projects, efforts started in Yancheng ecological leisure tourism brand. "How much is the fare? Which people have preferential? Online booking accounted for the proportion of how much?" Scenic tourist ticket center window, Wang Rongping cordial conversation with the staff, carefully asked the source structure, preferential service, etc.. That scenic tickets online for more than 50%, Wang Rongping said, to further enrich the content of online travel service, perfect the construction of "Intelligent Tourism" service system, to provide convenient and efficient information service for tourists. Came to the Gothic style of Holland street, Wang Rongping great interest to visit wedding photography base, view features commercial street catering service, praised the Holland Street building a "realistic", to actively absorb Holland Huahai scenic innovative investment and financing system, to participate in the tourism project construction and fully affirmed the social capital requirements, seize the new opportunities of high iron age brings the development of the tourism industry, the market plays a decisive role in the allocation of resources, accelerate the construction of a diversified investment and financing system, accelerate the construction of the project area and the effective investment, efforts to take advantage of tourism resources into industrial development advantages. The largest international horticultural center into northern Holland flower, potted flowers and foliage plants, cut flowers and other commodities of more than 1 thousand varieties of perennial a superb collection of beautiful things, foreign sales. Wang Rongping carefully inspect the flower display area, sales area and dining area, tourism commodity development requirements to increase innovation, strengthen brand chain restaurants attract, create unique local characteristics of the food culture brand. He told the accompanying departments responsible person, to strengthen the industrial model innovation, tourism content innovation, tourism commodity creation相关的主题文章: