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Wang Sicong: the concept of entertainment | three side business talk _ entertainment _ Tencent (the Chandler entertainment Zhuangao) talk to Wang Jianlin class, and talk to Wang Sicong three even gender viewpoint, the essence is self deception. Recently the active degree of father and son proves that, most people live in the folded second in Beijing, three space, nerve sensitive has reached the level of God yiyezhiqiu. Wang Jianlin to kill a good time to gobble down several leek box, Luyu Chen is most of us into the role of organic blueberry A and a are gently bite open sent to the entrance, we use a small indeed fortunate grace to resist the small target is one hundred million of the richest results obviously, that is what the night who let you wake up several wounds. Similarly, Wang Sicong’s high-profile appearance in the reality show "Hello!" the goddess on the line, many always despise network cop, emphasize gender equality "in a few of us" (or "we are in the minority") is not to roll their eyes, watching the young girls crying out to see President Wang Sicong, deliberately plan to dress or to show their talent, like Zhen Huanjin house who xiunv to die. Also, Wang Sicong is very complex to show a high handed President & the son of the richest man should be some drama. "Ugly", "you are too short, should apply for disability payments, do not seek death will not die," I say when nobody is allowed to interrupt"…… As well as the expression of the delicate asked a studio before the flight attendant, "how much profit you a month?" He wanted to see what this player which player, published reviews, do not care about the opinions of the partner side. He is confident, chatting with the staff what is "Sichuan dog dog barking at the sun (actually more accurate" argument is that Baidu, astonished at unfamiliar sights, I) and good at giving systematic guidance like his father instilled mainstream success: a man who wants to gain respect, not by his wealth, but his ability. Interestingly, unfortunately, this sentence he should not say, a long line waiting for the principal to qualify the majority of the girls picked, I dare to say to Wang Sicong cognitive only stay in, he is the son of the richest man, is the husband, is red. And he did as he had some micro-blog mocked "little meat as the idol, black and white attention. Reality show on the scene, the girl cried and cried, "father Wang, meet me!" The social networking platform, there has been criticism of his bad manners, no respect for women, progress and development of the society does not contribute to the value of what was, critics include network red predecessors Fengjie, she wrote a quite sensational article is summed up, your success is because you are the son of the richest man, and I don’t succeed, just because of my birth. Here, both Wang Jianlin and Wang Sicong, the first space space space of the first the first of the elite, with the hope that they are under great pressure, each say a word will get a good test of three quality inspection administration. A unit of the body system in Wang Jianlin, language logic might also in inner ear or head system to make contrast with adorable, you cannot criticize a determined to defeat the West Disney, let Chinese in the movie.相关的主题文章: