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What is enmity and what is hatred? After driving the car back, the man hit the tricycle, and Mr. Hu drove off on the road a few days ago. He saw a collision accident and was himself implicated in the innocent What’s going on here? About 5:10 in the evening of September 13th, Jiaxing Tongxiang Puyuan police station received a report, said in the Industrial Avenue where a car crashed into two cars. The front of a white BYD car was smashed. Then a car battery tricycle was knocked down, and several others were injured. The truck was in the middle of BYD and tricycle, and the police found the case was not simple. Police inspector Cai Yao: reversing the suspect Puyuan when we see very clearly in the monitoring process, the car hit the back of the BYD car. And then speed up, hit the battery tricycle, a deliberate act is obvious. From the surveillance video, the small truck two times crash is obviously intentional. So why on earth? Police investigation found that the resentment is small truck driver Li and battery tricycle owner Meng caused. Detective Cai Yao: according to our police station which later found that the criminal suspect and the victim is checked inside the station, in order to grab the goods caused by such a thing. Because the market is very competitive between the station and the station, not to exclude some parts of the station and the presence of vicious competition between stations. The truth: the original, small truck driver Lee and battery tricycle owners are mengmou pull goods, two people were sent to Hangzhou, the day before the incident, two people just grab the goods, quarrel over, and even go to the police station. On the last day, the police just mediation, second days, Lee met Meng in the road tricycle, hit the past. Four people sitting on a van in Bangladesh were injured. And the white BYD was innocent. Now, Lee suspected of affray crime has been under criminal detention.

什么仇什么怨?男子驾小货倒车后加速撞向三轮车 胡先生前几天开车上路亲眼看到一起撞击事故,而且自己竟然被无辜牵连?这是怎么回事呢?9月13号傍晚5点10分左右,嘉兴桐乡濮院派出所接到报警,说在工贸大道上有人开车撞了两辆车。一辆白色的比亚迪车子的车头被撞坏了。然后一辆电瓶三轮车被撞翻了,还有几个人受伤了。肇事的小货车位于比亚迪和三轮车中间,警察发现这起案件并不简单。濮院派出所探长蔡瑶:当时我们监控里看很清楚的,嫌疑人倒车,倒车的过程中撞到了后面来的比亚迪轿车。然后再加速往前,撞上了电瓶三轮车,一个故意的行为很明显。从监控视频上看,小货车先后两次撞车明显是故意的。那么究竟为什么要这样呢?警察调查后发现,其中的恩怨是小货车驾驶员李某和电瓶三轮车车主孟某引发的。濮院派出所探长蔡瑶:据我们事后调查发现,肇事的犯罪嫌疑人和受害人都是托运站里面的,为了抢货引发了这样一个事情。因为市场这边站与站之间竞争很激烈,不排除有些部分站和站之间存在恶性竞争。真相:原来,小货车的驾驶员李某和电瓶三轮车车主孟某都是拉货的,两人拉的都是发往杭州的货,事发前一天,两人刚刚因为抢货,吵过架动过手,甚至还闹到了派出所。上一天警察刚刚调解好,第二天李某在马路遇到孟某的三轮车,就撞了过去。坐在孟某电瓶车上的四个人受伤。而白色的比亚迪无辜遭殃。现在,李某涉嫌寻衅滋事罪已经被刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: