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Business Nebraskas agricultural abundance has played vital roles in producing domestic products, protecting wildlife, and generating statewide economic growth. Unfortunately, the unpredictable weather, particularly drought, has profoundly impacted the agriculture industry in Nebraska. In fact, for the past six decades, drought has resulted to lack of water supply in the region and the struggle of families in growing crops and animals. Great thing, however, a public power and irrigation project was constructed helping the state become one of the countries top states in agriculture. Although Nebraska is considered as a rural area, still, it is among the top destinations for agricultural businesses. It was once known as Tree Planters State and was later tagged as Cornhusker State in 1872. With the countrys diverse acreage and agricultural productivity, property price has reached $6,000 per acre. In a recent study, the United States Department of Agriculture showed that the acreage industry in Nebraska utilized 45.6 million acres or about 93 percent of its total land area. Thus, state growers and ranchers were able to cope with climate changes through selection of adaptable crops, strip and contour cropping, stubble mulching, deferred grazing, and other verified agricultural practices. In fact, despite slight decrease in August, the states net farm income for this year is recorded to be the second-highest since 1970. Thus, agricultural sector is expected to increase with anticipated gains for crops, live stocks, and revenue from forestry sales and services. Moreover, the total farm household income increased by 5.3 percent ($57,050) in 2011 and is projected to increase by another 1 percent ($57,645) at the end of 2012. Also, farm and land for sale equity has increased this year as assets exceed debt. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that ranchers remained impressively resilient in 2012 and were able to deal effectively with losses caused by natural disasters, particularly, drought. As 2013 approaches and as agricultural prices rise in value, the demands for farm and land for sale are also expected to increase. In 2012 alone, Nebraskas agricultural property values recorded its biggest annual increase of 32% thus projecting a strong future for investors. While drought has become prevalent in 2012, a brighter future awaits farmers and ranchers for the coming year. Hence, statistic reports provide a picture why farm and land for sale business is a good venture. Not only does it supply food and habitat to wildlife, it also sustains high economic value. In fact, a research shows that farm property values from Oklahoma to Indiana rise during the third quarter of this year. The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, which serves northwest Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado, shows that among other states, Nebraska has the strongest annual increase in dry and crop land value. If you are interested to sell your agricultural property in Nebraska, work only with the experts you can trust. Lashley Land and Recreational Brokers, Inc., specializes in exceptional marketing solutions that will sure magnetize your target consumers. It takes pride in delivering 100% customer satisfaction and in helping you achieve your goal. For more information about the companys service, visit ..lashleyland../. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: