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Why people love to go to travel, the United States is very concerned about the answer to the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: take you to choose a good scenery city, packed up, took the hand of a loved one, look at those who have not seen, to continue on the journey of love. Travel is the best preservative for love. Antistaling agent to find a time, choose a place to start a trip that belongs only to each other. Day after day life will inevitably be spent in the feelings will be exhausted, a trip will let you know how much this man loves you. Said to go on the journey of only two people, so that the hearts of the once again closely linked to each other, accustomed to the dull days, perhaps you will find that he has a unique charm you have never seen before. Perhaps the unique charm of the mountain is a casual hand, or is it possible to see the scenery was shocked when a hug, or will let each other heart, everything is so beautiful. Love is beautiful, but it will have a quarrel, I will get tired time. Sometimes, a trip will give you an unexpected surprise. Harvest surprise for a landscape, but also to love for a mood. In the boundless sky misunderstandings will be turned into a wisp of smoke drifted away, the temperature will be in love fantastic views in boiling again. For a travel is the best time to test the love test of love is not only romantic and sweet, sweet words people are not necessarily willing to accompany you to the end, will buy a lot of gifts to people not be willing to do housework for you. With life not so casual, more is the fuel vinegar tea light, return to life, you’re best suited for each other? Go back to the beginning of a trip, travel on the road, you can further deepen the understanding of each other, so that you understand what you want love. Maybe you need, you need to be more considerate; perhaps, your love is more courageous. You can find the answer on the trip. Find the answer is the details of the success or failure, and the small details of the trip, bit by bit, is your love can continue to the best answer. Small details of travel to add more memories of the good memories of the better memories of your past, I may not be able to participate in the past, but your future I will no longer be absent. Accompany you to see every scenery you love, in every place we leave the footprints of love. Love the footprint to watch the sunset, sunset orange sky kiss in the world; to see the sunrise, in the hope that the new moment hug. Look at the sunrise hand in hand to see more beautiful scenery, take a lot of photos, eat, sleep, play, so that each place has a memory of love each other. The memory of love can go to see the beautiful scenery of nature, you can also go to a literary City aimlessly, as long as two people together, it is good enough. I have no idea how to imagine such a scene, ten years, or twenty years, we took out those photos that we used to travel相关的主题文章: