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Martial-Arts With World Extreme Combat (WEC) 51 now in the books, the unavoidable discussion has arisen yet again, will Zuffa make plans to combine the World Extreme Combat (WEC) and the Ultimate fighting championship? Although the WEC is profitable by itself, it’s dealing with exactly the same issues as not just the UFC, but every one of the supplementary promotions in the united states. Market over saturation is definitely a real thing, and although the sky isn’t going to fall, it’s difficult to reason that too much of a good thing is a good thing whatsoever. For each and every UFC 116, we have a handful of UFC 119’s. Searching forward, we furthermore see lots of the sports biggest names passing their primes, and there’s more going out than you’ll find arriving recently. I believe, without a doubt, that opening up the featherweight and bantamweight classes in the Ultimate fighting championship will aid the promotion to avoid lack luster cards that send bloggers and journalists sounding alarms, but more to the point, lead to more income. Don’t misunderstand me, the title of this post isn’t "Why Zuffa NEEDS to Merge the UFC and WEC", I am not under the impression that I have a fraction of the understanding needed to run a multi-million dollar organization, but neither of those promotions needs one other. Yet, I do believe everyone concerned would be best served making this move, and us, the fans, will reap the rewards. Following the jump, my three big motivators in making this hypothetical move a real possibility. More Belts = More cash: A couple of new weight classes means two more titles, and more meaningful match ups to fill in cards. This means higher quality events all around, and a lower probability of having main events like Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop. Tonight’s main event of Jose Aldo vs. Manny Gamburyan would have been a fantastic headlining fight for UFC 119, with Mir and Cro Cop as the co-main event, and Bader/Nogueira on the under card. What went from a flimsy card, becomes a lot more worthy of the customer’s dollar. That would not stop the fights that occurred from being boring, but my next point could have helped in cases like this. Exciting Fights, More frequently: Without a doubt, the WEC is the home of some incredibly exciting fights. Bringing these fights in to the UFC will likely ease the pain of a card that’s full of less than thrilling fights. Let’s roll the clock back, and say the UFC put a fight for instance Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung in the place of Nik Lentz vs. Andre Winner on the Spike TV prelims for UFC 118. Garcia vs. Jung is just one of many, many fights that would have been much better than watching Lentz do his best Jon Fitch impersonation against Winner. Everybody who was changing the channel, would have instead been calling their relatives and buddies to inform them to tune in. Once more, more money for the Zuffa family. The Best on the planet, in a single Promotion: The current situation with the UFC and World Extreme Combat (WEC) being independent is by no means a damaged system, but surely that the best in the world, regardless of weight class, have to be in the same promotion. The UFC is definitely an complete promotional monster, and I would wager that Zuffa can get more bang for their buck when they put the UFC name on fighters like Urijah Faber, Jose Aldo, and Miguel Torres. This opens up the WEC for something different. I do not know what Zuffa will decide, but I’ve thought for a long period the World Extreme Combat (WEC) could be well served should they took a good take a look at Bellator’s tournament model, and started pushing out tournament winner’s to the Ultimate fighting championship. We’ve seen Bellator get some of the top prospects in Mixed martial arts, while the UFC’s greatest tool to create new faces is TUF, which has become less and less effective over time. I do not hold the solutions, but you will find possibilities that have to be reviewed, and in my opinion, the sooner, the better. This move would not be without it’s downside. A few of the lower echelon fighters in most weight classes will probably be cut to create room for two new weight classes. In the event the WEC did in fact hang in there (although I’d expect it to merely end up being the Ultimate fighting championship, and the UFC opening up a new branch of shows to put on television with this branch of the promotion) it wouldn’t surprise me to see those cut fighters just end up taking a pay cut and being moved around. It might be a required evil if the move was to occur, and it would probably be an enormous pain, but the payoff will most certainly make it worthwhile. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: