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Man becomes the second sister "really many male 2" blue heart staged contrast adorable – Sohu entertainment   blue heart on contrast adorable Friday night entertainment Sohu 20:20, jointly produced by the empty political television arts center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" second air force article to hot season? Staged. After blood grinding, eight recruits training and combat confrontation are gradually into the white hot stage, this program is also more smoke from the beginning of the four. Zhang blueheart female man image to conquer the audience, this program is domineering side leakage, verse frequent. While in the army conference, Liu and her team marriage initiative to give advice and suggestions let us insight into her heart gentle little girl mood. Another kind of contrast MOE let the audience to her cognitive refresh. Verse frequent combat exercises, Zhang blue heart "to male soldiers are brought down"? In this program, the new recruits will usher in the most brutal commando combat against the comprehensive training, recruits a class two class respectively as offensive and defensive confrontation. The winner will be able to retain their monitor, with subsequent monitor together into training troops for exercise. In order to defend the monitor, men and women are doing their best to. But the female than male soldiers, have a physical disadvantage, while men classes actually also find the other three commando to attack thor. In the face of unfavorable situation, Zhang blueheart again highlight the domineering female man heroic image, bluntly: "if they rushed in, I was one of them down!" Bold character a reassuring and optimistic attitude to other women, let his teammates encouragement. But in the face of male soldiers advantages, women really can beat his opponent, to defend the monitor? Zhang Lanxin will really put down the male soldiers? All suspense will be announced in this program. Warm warm heart of the General Assembly meeting, Zhang Yi Liu Liu seconds to change the fans? Zhang Lanxin with his forthright Frank personality is loved by the audience, and in this program, we will see the side of her gentle and kind-hearted girl. In order to solve the problem of personal feelings of the majority of single soldiers, the army organized a "blind open up a fresh outlook conference". In order to help the team find your Mr Liu, Zhang blueheart took great pains, give advice and suggestions for active team liu. Is the scene of their team to Liu flowers endorsement, show little girl cute. Liu also in the program boldly open their favorite girl type. With the warmth of interactive guest Let us see Liu team under the solemn appearance warmth and affection of the inner world. What exactly does Liu team like? What makes a face to face the blueheart Liu team shy second variable fans sister? Read this week’s program naturally know. Both the combat against the smoke, also love me tender camp fellowship, the "real man" is brilliant. In November 4 Japan 20:20 Friday night, let us wait and see.相关的主题文章: