Writer brokers, not just intermediaries onavo protect

The writer is not only the role of intermediary agent, and [Abstract] literary agent or broker is bigger, they are not only the Copyright Intermediary business as a writer, but also play a think-tank, united with the lubrication function in the process of copyright cooperation. "In the film and television circles, every month will feel that last month’s own fool." Network writer Tang Jiasan had said. "IP hot" makes writers more contact with the capital, the core of the conversation can not be separated from the "full copyright development". From the publication, film and television works to the derivative game, around the hands of the writer IP content resources, realized in the form of retrofit, at the same time, the writer also faces a more complex environment for business cooperation. Mystery novelist Yan Zhiyang admitted to the "Oriental Outlook", his biggest headache is the business negotiation, all these things he gave to his agent Liang Shuang. More and more writers broker or brokerage agencies, they are not only the Copyright Intermediary business as a writer, but also play a think-tank, united with the lubrication function in the process of copyright cooperation. Liang Shuang to the Oriental Outlook Weekly, said: let professional people to do professional things, the effect of copyright development in order to maximize." The market demand and industry boost, in China once long to call to the writer brokerage industry, has finally started the trend. (source network) to call long if there is no broker Christopher · Ritter’s operation, "Harry Potter" author JK· · Rowling; it is difficult to single handedly make the bespectacled boy wizard swept the world. In Europe and the United States, the author of the broker is not a new career, there are 80% of the public library by the agent of copyright agents. These brokers excavate potential writers, writers and publishing bargainning, signed a publishing contract for the writer, as a writer for a more lasting impact and higher wages. In China, the writer’s broker system can not be called for a long time. For a long time, the relationship between the writer and the publisher depends on the interpersonal communication between the writer and the publisher. Since the beginning of 2012, there have been calls from the industry, China should also have a writer broker system, but the writer has different attitudes towards it. In 2006 Cai Jun, a writer, had asked brokers to help select the publisher’s ideas, while Mr Wang Anyi was sceptical about the need for brokers. China contemporary literature of the new media literature committee secretary general Wu Changqing on the "Oriental Outlook" said: "the writers association can help writers obtain copyright agency resources and rising channel, in the past, this let many writers think that broker system is not essential." From the view of concept, many writers pay more attention to the professional literary criticism system for works of judgment, not agree from the market profit space to judge the value of works, and works to the broker, the equivalent of the works to the market test. In addition, the China book pricing is generally low, in addition to a popular writer, only by royalty, few people can afford to pay the broker fee. In accordance with the practice of the international publishing market, the author of the agent in the process of copyright agency will charge 10%~15% agency fees. "After the writer royalties is a few million yuan, according to this)相关的主题文章: