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Yadi Z3 global sale price of 8588 yuan,   Chinese — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn people.com.cn August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Dou Ming) Yadi Z3 released in March 24th, yesterday announced the price, including overseas retail price of $3388, $8588, Chinese. Yadi Z3 will from now on in Chinese, and some countries will first launch. Yadi holding a spokesman at the scene introduces Yadi Z3 packaging process, price, purchase, customer service service etc.. It is reported that Yadi currently exports to the United States, Germany and other 66 countries. In the global integration of resources, and the United States Lightening company, Panasonic, BASF, SWAROVSKI, Germany, Austria, etc.. Yadi Z3 models highlight the following three points: power, Yadi Z3 uses the power battery, rather than ordinary energy type battery. Avoid excessive consumption of electricity, shorten the service life, idle too long can not charge, etc.. The use of Yadi Z3 and Tesla is the same as Matsushita power lithium battery. The battery weighs only 9.6 kg, easy disassembly and anti-theft function; optional 2 hour fast charger, mileage up to 120 km. Intelligent systems: Yadi Z3 using a mobile phone APP key to start, real-time positioning and automatic locking and GPS+ Beidou Positioning system. At the same time, Yadi Z3 automatically detects the number of 60 core parts, display fault sources, and navigation to the vicinity of customer service outlets. Yadi Z3 in lock state, such as abnormal mobile, APP will quickly push the alarm information. Yadi Z3 intelligent dashboard also provides call and SMS alerts. Yadi Z3 is equipped with intelligent induction lamp and mood lamp, the intelligent induction lamp can automatically sense the environmental light, to realize the automatic opening and closing; mood lamp is can provide up to about 16000000 colors, mobile phone users can freely set the color. The body is equipped with Z3 technology, Yadi carbon alloy precision motorcycle frame, ergonomic design, motorcycle racing inverted front shock (after the 4 million shock test) and rear air damping, military grade explosion-proof tires, automotive paint technology. It is understood that Yadi holdings in March 24th after the conference, invited hundreds of beta riders (Hu Ge No. 1, closed beta rider) test for 120 days, received more than 1 thousand feedback, and to carry out the rectification and perfect. Now Chinese, customers can store from the official website search, choose the way of appointment to drive through the purchase of Yadi 8622 stores nationwide. Yadi Z3 to provide users with 20 1 years of free maintenance, 24 hours door-to-door service (Downtown within 1 years of free door-to-door service and passenger service). Recommended reading: are new ways of travel experience Yadi Z3 (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: