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VOIP Organizations are expanding and there is no limit to which one can widen their business to achieve massive success. Online businesses or e-business is also speeding at the enormous speed of light. Healthy communications is the key and to have excellent outcome in the business world you need to keep communication with your co-workers and employees too. Yugma web conferencing has made it really easier to achieve the same. This is the fastest spreading web conferencing tool which is adored by many. You can call it an affordable online tool that helps in conducting online meeting too. Yes! You have read very much correctly. Yugma web meeting makes it fruitful to conduct an online meeting with up to 500 employees without hampering their work. This is how a senior will be there at every step to make it sure that the junior will never make any sort of mistake and work efficaciously. Yugma is useful to everyone who is addicted to online tools. This tool can be used for hosting web seminars, demonstrations of products especially in the sales field and also to present a new proposal to the client. One may also use Yugma web conferencing tool for team meetings, for troubleshooting and to enhance customer service. Yugma online meeting can be conducted by the online virtual clubs and also useful in online group studies and tutorials. Upcoming writers, artists can use this productive tool to communicate with their fans. Highlights of Yugma Web Conferencing Tool: What you cant do with Yugma web collaboration tool. It is so flexible that it allow you to share your desktop, working out on the documentation all together, and Yugma make you able to share your thoughts with many people at the same time. Yugma net meeting software is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Check out the Following lists that Yugma Web Conferencing gives you: Share desktop and collaborate documents: This is the amazing feature of Yugma. It allows you to share your desktop with others irrespective of the applications or operating systems others are using. You can present your documents and share them with others who present at meeting. You can also ask anyone from the group to represent the meeting further. The single application sharing button helps in minimizing distraction due to other applications thus aid in improving focus. Skype Integration: Yugma also comes with Yugma Skype edition which allow a Skype user to get into the online meeting via sharing their desktop with others in the conversation. You need to download Yugma Skype edition and the further process is quite easier and comfy. Presentation tools: This helps you to highlight what you pointing out on while presentation by drawing line, shapes etc. This tool helps you to interact with other during the conference. Multiple Monitor Support: Yugma also gives you some interesting features such as multiple monitor support that helps you to switch between multiple monitors so that you can show any one monitor at a time to the others attending the web conference. Yugma also has shared file space named feature that gives you up to 100 MB web storage space. So you can save your files that you have shared with others. Record Meeting: You can keep a track of your video conferencing by recording them and it is possible with the help of features of Yugma named as meeting recordings, playback and webcast. Webinar: It is the feature of Yugma that allow you register people with you. This also allow you to keep track of registered people and also to see who has attended your webinar. Yugma Android App: Yugma web conferencing tool is now at your android phone! You can share your views, ideas with others online via your android app. You can download the app for free and get started. Yugma grants free web conferencing software-as-a-service (SaaS) entrepreneurs as well as businessmen. You can get it in Google Play for your Android smartphone. Yugma Widget: You can start immediately a online meeting to start an online conversation. All you need to do is embed a Yugma button on your websites, blogs, and social networking profiles and there you go! You need to verify your Yugma account for the same. Yugma Teleconferencing: Yugma Teleconferencing Service is FREE! There are no hidden charges. This service is absolutely free and easy too. To initiate a meeting you need to make a simple phone call on +1-218-936-7975 which is US based telephone number then enter your Meeting ID. You can also find this number over the top of the Yugma control panel. The attendees can participate in the meeting by entering Meeting ID followed by #. Standard call charges would be applied and would be billed to you via your long distance telephone company. Additional information: To download the Yugma on your corresponding devices or for any other information you can visit its official website: .yugma.. Conclusion: Yugma web conferencing is the free service that enables you to stay connected to almost 500 callers per meeting. One can share desktops and documents with others. It is useful tool to conduct online meetings and for other purpose such as online training sessions etc. Yugma has alluring features that will certainly make you love it more and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: