Zhang Yixing bowed down Jingyi exposure hold 11 fans discontent cagliari exchange

Zhang Yixing bowed down Jingyi exposure hold 11 fans dissatisfied with friends broke the Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean group "EXO" Chinese Ji member Zhang Yixing (Lay) as a singer, in recent years, active in the drama book shows, recently also invited onto the "happy camp". In the program, he regardless of their waist, picked up the women’s team member of the "SNH48" Jingyi bowed down, but after this fragment exposure, so fans feel very distressed dissatisfaction, accidentally set off fierce fighting. Many users in micro-blog recently broke the news, Zhang Yixing before the recording of "happy camp", in order to tie the game, with the princess hold the bow Jingyi up, down through the bamboo under the back and forth took a total of 11 times. However, Zhang Yixing after years of dance practice, there are serious waist injury, so this link after exposure, immediately aroused dissatisfaction with the fans, many more people into the "fast" micro-blog protest, that the program group of artists ignored safety. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yixing and Ju Jingyi 2 fans also launched the war, netizens criticized Ju regardless of the man injured, was also pointed out that the woman is innocent, "Zhang Yixing Ju Jingyi" soon became micro-blog hot search topic. The 22 year old Ju Jingyi has a sweet temperament, in the past 4000 years "beautiful girl" is a rare case of name popularity, SNH48 third also voted the finals champion, this time recorded programs but the accident involved in the dispute, but also so many fans shouted "good distressed innocent", users do not want to involve the artist. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: