Zhang Yuxi left Wang Sicong, relying on a mixed face from the network to upgrade into a red screen f sweets parade

Zhang Yuxi left Wang Sicong with a mixed face from the Red Net upgraded to a network drama actress recently hit TV series "dear princess disease", the heroine is cute to no, people simply poisonous! Zhang Yuxi expression package comes with the barrage Tucao attribute, fag hag poison tongue, this is really good, pure affectation, and those outside the virgin white lotus flower is not at all the same! Almost all sets of friends loved attributes.   because Zhang Yuxi set a color, and a fire, successfully attracted the attention of the broad masses of netizens! The most important thing about Zhang Yuxi’s "dear princess disease"! Zhang Yuxi looks beautiful! Stood with Zhang Huiwen last year, like a clown duck…… Yan value completely crushed by this film is Tucao face and red net gap…… Zhang Yuxi and Zhang Huiwen play "Gardenia open" now how to become so beautiful, with the men of God Mike together is the princess and the prince! Zhang Yuxi and Mike in the sweet red road network but to say that Zhang Yuxi’s first fire, completely because near to tear this super net red onion thigh. 14 years, Wang Sicong and Zhang attended the opening of Wanda conference, along the way, followed by Wang Sicong, the reporter asked whether it was his girlfriend, Zhang Yi generous recognition of the. Zhang Yuxi and Wang Sicong had a tear in the onion after the birthday party, although along with a large number of girl ~ but second days hand-in-hand shopping hot Yuxi and Zhang Wang Sicong was photographed shopping together after the scandal fame Wang Sicong Zhang Yuxi embarked on a standard Red Road: wealth, dazzle face! Self timer all kinds of beautiful beautiful! Micro-blog also has a variety of beautiful photos of a public face"! Large eyes and super pointed chin, hit face anglebaby! Hit the face anglebaby ice feels like Lin update girlfriend Wang Liuwen! Hit the face of Wang Liuwen and Mrs. king really mixed high nose deep purpose Kunling too much like! Ah, but Zhang Yuxi is not a pure Chinese? But now after the fine carving has a hybrid like charm! Hit the face of Kunling have a netizen Tucao said "Zhang Yuxi, Zhang Xinyu, Xinyi Zhang…… It’s not just a name, but I can’t tell." The popular will be pulled from the black history, Zhang Yuxi does this change is a bit big, it is from the village to the angel ah ~ today is eight hundred and eighteen, Princess of evolutionary history. Yuxi zhang! The counter attack of the young Zhang Yuxi Zhang Yuxi with a sharp chin, a look that is meirenpeizai. When Zhang Yuxi won the Zhang Yuxi Ruili cover girl champion Zhang Yuxi got the Ruili Cover Girl Contest Winner in 2009. To get the model championship, Yan is a value of natural attractions, although look is not fine, but thin face, high nose, still beautiful! The key is the body is also a bar. Zhang Yuxi in the competition, but may be beautiful photos of their own requirements are relatively high, it has been Zhang’s face, has never stopped changing…… Before the face is fat, after a thin face, immediately much more beautiful, at least.相关的主题文章: